Earthquakes are felt on the surface, there is peace at the core.

In the circle of life, we experience ups and downs, highs and lows, trials and tribulations – only if we are superficial.

Going within in the first step to experiencing peace. At first it is challenging, there are many distractions in the outer world of superficiality. Only the one who meditates goes within. That is how it all begins – the journey of magick – to find your power of spiritual consciousness. You see the suffering all around. You feel for the world, not just yourself. You seek healing and love. You have made an intention. You are ready for transformation.

At a deeper level we are not only aware of the superficiality, there is also a temptation to return to the outer world and engage in the same cycles of unconscious karma. Only the one who persists goes truly within. You hear the voices of chatter – the hollow sounds of laughter and cries of ignorance. You see the sights that excite and depress. You are tempted to engross in them – to be a victim once again – to blame, curse, suffer. You meet your inner devil luring you away from yourself. You choose to love yourself. That is how it continues, the path of magick -through dedication. You stay on the path – the straight path that goes within. Through sattva or the middle pillar of the tree of life you travel within. Through your chakras from earth to crown you journey on. Towards your center..you focus…focus and focus …shedding all the layers one by one…from one initiation to the other…going on deeper and deeper within. Letting go of your personalities and facades…leaving behind all your shadows to meet your inner light of truth.

At the innermost and deepest level, we are aware of the outer superficiality, but established in our innermost core. Unfazed by the highs and lows of the outer world, we have found a perfect grounding in our spirit, the inner self. We are at the apex of our being …which is the axle of the wheel. We turn the wheel through inner magick…no longer trapped in the automatic and semi-automatic, unconscious and subconscious cycles of destiny or fate. We have arrived, only to return again – but when we return we are not the same – something has changed forever. The gold that can no longer be corrupted. This is alchemy.

The lotus blooms in the muddy waters, untouched and unpolluted, only to spread love and light.

As we change the world changes too.

You create and dream…the world is shaped around your consciousness. As you row your boat gently down the stream

…the wheel turns, merrily this time….

Blessed Be!




Illustration: The wheel of fortune – Rider Waite Smith tarot

I have tried all of this – is totally possible gets easier by the day if you would just begin now.

  • Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly several times daily – every few minute/ always – focus on breath and be with your breath. Oxygen keeps cells healthy. Lack of oxygen causes anaerobic cell growth leading to cancers, other diseases and ageing.
  • Close eyes and relax very often – every few minutes daily – in between while listening, talking, etc. Meditative state will help absorb good energy to balance the energy leaving you constantly – this will help in health gain and stop drainage
  • Don’t think all the time – give your mind a break – just enjoy and relax. Thinking less will help reduce drainage of energy and help in gaining health as well as conserving energy
  • Speak very less – speak slowly and softly in low voice, listen calmly, observe nod and smile – do not debate and discuss too much. Being forceful causes many stress disorders and diseases – heart problems, blood pressure – be more gentle and calm. Reacting less will reduce drainage of energy in unnecessary things
  • If anything is wrong just relax and say positive affirmations in your own mind to change it – talking, arguing or fighting is not required at all. When inner work and magick are there why take the effort to struggle and fight. Less struggle = better health and success
  • Appreciate and compliment often – criticise, gossip and complain very less or not at all. Good and healthy energy circulates through us when joyful and thankful. Negative energy circulates when we are upset or unhappy.
  • Do not worry about anyone or self. Worry increases stress and causes illness. It can never solve anything. Only constructive and positive thoughts can improve anything.
  • Do not feel guilty to accept, take or receive from others or yourself. The universe loves you and wants you to be happy. Only happy people can be any good to the world.
  • Enjoy and relax OUTDOORS in NATURE daily. Nature cures most illnesses and conditions. Being trapped indoors causes many ill conditions.
  • Spend equal or time off computer and phones than online – go gadget free often. Microwave radiations cause many illnesses if in excess– including wifi and gadgetary rays – use in moderation.
  • Eat slowly with mouth closed and without talking – focus only on the food and you. Gulping air due to talking and chomping can interfere with digestion. Focusing on ‘food and you’ can help absorb the best from the meal, getting more from less and reducing intake of food automatically.
  • Have clean water when thirsty – NOT juice/ NOT beer or alcohols/ NOT soft drinks. Nothing can substitute water. All other drinks contain artificial sugars and negative and stale energy that cause many diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.
  • Have no or less coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, etc. No smoking and avoid passive smoking. Caffeine, nicotine and sugars cause many health hazards and are totally unnecessary in life.
  • Have NATURAL organic food, raw fruits, less cooked veggies and salads. DON’T HAVE processed and highly cooked foods – from market or homemade. Processing and cooking destroys the natural healing qualities of food and adds harmful sugars, excess salts and spices as well as preservatives and chemicals at times
  • Eat less or no milk, eggs, chicken, meat, ghee, butter, chocolate, ice-cream  and also less or no root veggies such as onion, ginger, garlic etc. Animal products have bad karma as they are created by killing animals while plants do not usually die unless pulled by root. Milk industry also kills male calves and older cows to add to bad karma. Bad karma can cause diseases and other stressful problems in life leading to illnesses
  • Love yourself and also everyone and everything. We are all one! In everyone see yourself.

Affirm: I am now in a state of perfect health – naturally, constantly and effortlessly!

Focus on and keep – the Temperance card of Tarot – stands for inner balance, healing, health, calmness, inner work, moderation and inner focus and is connected with Archangel Raphael who embodies the healing energy of our universe.

Temperance - RWS deck

Temperance card of Rider Waite SmithTarot

Thank you for reading and sharing this article.

Swati Prakash


Anything experienced within you is likely to manifest outside too.

Have you ever had dreams that felt very real…dreams in which you were so engrossed that you had no idea that you were dreaming? Dreams are the proof that we can see with our eyes shut. And not only can we see in our dreams we can engross all our senses in the dream experience, just like virtual reality in a multidimensional mode. We can talk to people, eat food, go to places, listen to music, touch, feel and do things just like in our waking life while we are actually dreaming.

Most of us could forget our dreams pretty soon even as we are just waking up. Write them down as soon as you wake up to help you understand what is going on inside you, while you are sleeping. Soon some patterns might emerge. Our dreams tell us what we are within our unconscious mind. Our hopes, fears, needs…dreams are the way our inner self talks to us. Our inner self can get through to us only if we let go of our conscious thought processes and just relax. For most people their sleep time is the time their mind really relaxes. Those who have difficulties sleeping do not even get that break. Those who meditate find it much easier to relax and understand their inner self than those who do not. Many people do not ever remember their dreams as they are so exhausted in their day to day stressful existence, they slip in and out of their dreams unaware that they have dreamt.

Some of us experience lucid dreaming, when we gain awareness while dreaming itself that we are in-fact dreaming. When we do gain awareness that we are dreaming, we can have fun with our dreams and make whatever we want happen in our dream world. For instance I used to draw and paint my dream world with colors and designs of my choice at one point of time when I was designing tarot cards for myself. At other times my dreams were predictive in which I could see something of the future, and being aware that it was my future being created in my dreams, I would change something in my dream only to see that on waking up my dream manifests just as I wanted it to.

This brings me to the point of magick and spells. In waking life too, just like in our dreams, we can gain consciousness and make things happen with the power of our mind. Our inner and outer worlds are so powerfully linked that there is in fact not much of a difference between dreams and reality in the truest sense. Truly at many times we can manifest anything we want without even a lazy flick of a wand…just a mere thought and it manifests so effortlessly, just like a lucid dream.

This is such an amazing truth. Is our whole life also just a dream and when we go to sleep are we just in a dream within a dream? Is the universe just a creation of our own mind and is everyone else around simply a projection of our inner self, waiting for us to recognize them? What will happen if we really really wake up?

Truly being magickal is all about being humble – after all we are as the shamans say – dreaming…only dreaming and creating our ‘reality’, when the truth is that nothing is actually happening at all.

Blessed Be!





No thoughts to think
No songs to sing
Where there is nothing
There is silence

No words to say
No games to play
Where there is noone
There is silence

No fights or hating
No rush or waiting
Where there is no question
There is silence

Where you must close your eyes to see
Where there is neither you nor me
Where there is truth
There is silence

There is no fear
There is love here
There is peace and joy
And there is silence

Where there is noise
When you raise a voice
When I hear words
I hear silence

In everything i see
Only the joy of eternity
Even where there is anger
There is silence

In laughter, in cries
In pain and in vice
Every where inside
There is silence

Look anywhere, in anything
Deep within
You will find
There is silence

To heal, to change, to cause
The greatest power ever was
In past, in future, right now, always
There is silence



My soul is free
It belongs to none, not even me
My soul is unbound
There is nowhere it cannot be found
Higher, further than another
I return to find myself, no other
Out there and everywhere
There was nothing else for prayer
Who do i invoke aloud
For within this maddening crowd
Only gods and goddessees
Hide and reveal their inner bliss
In people everywhere i see
Myself disguised to many be
I  close my eyes, alone to go
Beyond this great star studded show
But when i open up my eyes
I see myself, just multiplied
The world is just a mirror called us
And our soul, the universe


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global wicca revolution cover front

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Love and blessings

Swati Prakash

Defining negative as something that is clearly harmful for self or others..

Is a banning beef justified?
Is banning BBC from airing interviews of rapists justified?
Are such bans helpful, effective or sufficient?
Or do they make people feel powerless, as if their rights are taken away?

What I have observed is that more and more of people have been unhappy, angry, frustrated or sad at the state of our world.
The problem is that whatever you feel unhappy about can gain as much power as what you love.
Hate and love are equally strong emotions, and infact two sides of a coin.
The more you think, feel and talk about your hates, the more you attract more of what you hate.
The more you feel and visualise what you love, the more of it you get.

With rights come responsibility.
Are we willing to use our power wisely without harming anyone?
Ideally we should stop killing animals or felling trees or taking life to satisfy our greed, even if these things are not banned.
And ideally we should speak about, publicise, promote, enjoy circulating positive, wise, useful events, people, news and energy much much more often, while banishing things that promote fear or harm, from deep within us.

Banishing evil is an inside job..it needs to be done within our psyche.
Learn how to banish negativity in course 6 of http://www.globalwicca.com in the free fundamental training online.
Yes, its free, because its necessary.
Spread the light and love.

Blessed be


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