Full Moon Night

Lady, mother, priestess high
Illuminates the earthy sky
Brightly shines the nightly queen
To everyone she can be seen
Lifting waters at midnight
Mystery, magick, power, might
Tonight the moon is full and round
Do you hear the silence.. its her sound
Close your eyes and gaze inside
Or mount your brooms, begin the ride
The witching hour has just begun
Join the party, share the fun
Beware however of the tide
And tread you not where werewolves hide
Its nothing but your hidden self
Those emotions you suppress
For when the moon seems less than whole
Who are you in heart and soul
Do you show the way you feel
Or use darkness to conceal
When your moods go high or low
Do you share and do you show
Are you scared and do you fear
And mask with smile your silent tear
Do you have the notion in your mind
That being human ain’t divine
Do you believe in angels more
And forget the faery lore
Do you have faith in an outer ‘God’
Or worship nature as Lady and Lord
Stop searching now and just accept
Your outer world and inner self
Know and love your earthly world
Your truth, your power, your inner gold
Its all here, heaven on earth
Thy kingdom come, just know your worth
You are divine in everyway
The moon is full not just today
Its just that till now you couldn’t see
Or solve this greatest mystery
That every night is full moon night
Its only hidden from your sight



Im grateful for the life I live
For everything is but a gift
The dark of night, the light of day
I would have it no other way
The ups and downs, the lows and highs
The way things change, the way time flies
The lessons and the messages
In each one of the passages
In the book that stays alive
As the journey we call life
Its like a deck of playing cards
That comes together after falling apart
Like a jigsaw piece that fits inside
This picture can be seen in light
A light that shines from deep within
So I played the game to lose and win
I lost my blocks and inhibitions
To all my dreams and inner visions
I gained the truth of who I am
Unlimited by word or name
Infinite worlds, lives and dimensions
I manifest all my creations
All versions of reality
I am every possibility
I succeeded for I failed
I learned to heal because I ailed
Created problems so I could solve
I crystallised and then dissolved
I forgot and then remembered
Every bit that was dismembered
I collected and recollected
All the light that was reflected
To find the path back to the source
The inner light, the greatest force
And so I thank the One, I thank the Self
The Goddess who helps but herself
So grateful to the Self I stay
For the present of today
Life is a gift we give ourself
Know thyself and love thyself

Swati Prakash

Life is no longer a mystery
Everything is the way it is meant to be
It is such a beauty
That gifts of your duty
The choices you make are your destiny

Its karma that helps you find what you seek
You sow and you nourish and then you reap
Your intentions are seeds
They yield what you need
You wrote your own fate in your history

No there is really noone else there outside
Who will create, will, form, control or decide
Your fortune and future
As per law of nature
Depends just on what you project from inside

So await you no more for messaiahs of lore
Someone to save you wont turn up at your door
Its noone but you
So decide what to do
Your thoughts, feelings, actions are yours to control

Be your own master and master yourself
You can heal and wisen with a little self help
You can learn and teach
Practice what you preach
The universe is constantly healing itself

Soon you will see that the magick in you
Starts growing and glowing, a beacon so true
As above so below
The world will follow
The simple equation of get what you do

The God is the Goddess, the Universe, Nature
Creator of all, past present and future
Its in all of us
We are Universe
Lets be our own saviors, lets be our own teachers

For life is no longer such a mystery
The truth is revealed in all certainty
The new age is here
To free us from fear
And guide us to real love and light, Blessed Be

Swati Prakash


When the moon drifts high and the sun is low
We go to a place that we all know
A place where hidden things we keep
The mystery world we all call sleep
Where dreams, hope and inspiration
Shine like stars in a constellation
Where we conquer all of our nightmares
To banish every doubt and fear
Here our faith is put to test
So that we may learn to rest
To release all of the stress and strain
From every corner of our brain
The goddess here is dressed in dark
To help discover, note and mark
The point in time, that period
Of the monthly flow of fertile blood
With the help of Luna, queen of night
Let us embrace our feminine side
To make more sense of your confusion
She gives you gifts of true intuition
With open arms we can embrace
Her beauty, softness, calm and grace
Man or woman, girl or boy
A journey there we can enjoy
To a world of secrets yet untold
You hide them here when young and old
She keeps them safe till you return
Waiting for your lessons learnt
So that you may let go, forgive
Let sadness die and learn to live
And then she’ll open your inner eye
To show the truth beyond all lies
Its very real unlike it seems
The world inside, the world of dreams
You can never be complete
Until your inner world you meet
Stop repressing and bring to light
All the darkness there inside
Go on reveal the naked truth
Lift your veil, your mask, your hood
You have the courage to transform
Those things you felt were somewhat wrong
Begin the magick and make a change
You can take a whole new range
One that gives you peace and health
Strength, respect, love, joy and wealth
Just remember all you seem
Is like a dream, within a dream
So when you travel deep within
Do not be proud of what you win
Just try to lose your ego great
And truly master your own fate
You control your destiny
So relax and let it be
There is no need to shout and fight
Its only you, noone else inside
Let go of struggle, be at ease
There is noone else to please
Just be yourself and close your eyes
Then you will dream of something nice
When you can dream as per your will
Or let your mind be clean and still
Then you truly have arrived
At destination happy life

Swati Prakash

What is good and what is evil?
Is it necessary for evil to be there in order to maintain cosmic balance?
In the battle of good and evil who wins?
Will the world cease to exist if this battle is over?
Let me throw some light on these questions.

Good is when all our karma is positive, helpful, useful.
Evil is harmful karma. It harms the doer.
Yes evil karma appears to harm others while infact the doer is harmed.
By karma we mean actions, thoughts, emotional energy and desires or will power.

In truth there is Oneness. Good and evil are duality.
Good and evil are born out of ignorance.
In a highly aware, enlightened world there is only goodness.
Ignorance made people forget their true One nature. It created illusion.
Ignorance lead people to harm.
In awareness we harm none.

Cosmic balance does not require ignorance or evil of any kind.
The world is held in perfect balance by nature.
Evil is unnatural and unbalancing in every way. Evil karma is against nature, against our true nature.
When we are aware of our oneness, we realise it is not in our nature to harm anyone. We know that whatever we are doing to others is simultaneously happening to us in a very real and deep way as per the law of nature or karma. We recognise our self in others. This awareness leads to balance, inner balance which gives peace and this is born of love.
Evil only had the effect of disturbing this beautiful peace and order in nature.

The battle of good and evil is the quest of light or awareness to transform the dark ignorant energy to something better.

We all may have heard that in the battle of good and evil, good always wins. This is true.

This itself implies that as per the law of nature, positive energy will ultimately outweigh negative energy and the world will come into a state of peace, balance, harmony and equilibrium which is a good thing. This peace also brings abundance, health, joy, kindness and all good things with it.

This is the dawn of satayuga or age of light.
In this world everyone is peaceful, balanced, harmonius, harms none and karma is positive.
Due to this reason we have magick in this world.

Magick is less or absent in a negative, evil or kalyuga world. Magick comes from nature and is meant to create positive energy.
Imagine if magick was present abundantly in evil worlds, people would use psychic power to harm, manipulate and indulge in wasteful actions. That is why the world had less magick so far.
This is why we did not see witches fly on brooms or people levitating on every corner of the road. This is why telepathy and psychic powers were relatively uncommon till now. And thats why spells did not work for many. As we become more deserving our magickal powers start shining better in this world. We will do amazing and fun things with magick, not just vanquish evil.

Lets enjoy shifting the energy of earth to a more balanced, peaceful, positive and magickal world. This need not take millions of years. When you work with light time flies faster than ever. Let there be light right now.
Be magickal. Start with being good.

Blessed be
Swati Prakash

The Song of the Self

I am the Spirit, I am Soul
I am the all, I am the whole
I am the One, yet I am None
I live somewhere in everyone
I am inside and outside
I am found where truth resides
I am below, I am above
I am devotion, I am love
I am the God and Goddess too
I am the Good in me and you
I am divine, pure and sublime
I am eternal beyond time
I cannot be harmed or broken hurt
I cannot be tainted, torn or cursed
I am your highest possibility
I can be you, you can be me
I am not cornered, trapped or bound
I can easily be found
When you stop searching here and there
Then you meet me, my voice you hear
In silence when you stop your mind
Then this treasure you will find    
I was always there awaiting you
The part of you which is clear and true
So let go of all those things you hold
Do not worry or control
Be at ease and be at peace
All the struggle just release
Be your simple natural zest
And you will be your very best
I am the power you have inside
To be happy, kind and wise
So go ahead and do rejoice
I am your will, I am your choice
Everytime you choose to be me
You fill the world with good energy
You can heal the universe
Begin with yourself and help the world
Be doubtless, sincere, firm and strong
Follow the right path, you cannot go wrong
See me in every thing and being
In autumn, winter, summer, spring
I am in the dark and in the light
In the day, dawn, dusk and night
You always have me in your heart
I am your perfect innermost part
I live through nature in this world
Worship me through care to earth
Love yourself from head to feet
Learn and teach this to all you meet
Live in truth and you will live well
And truth be told in all you tell
When everyone unites with me
The world will shine so perfectly
Believe in this, create this future
Give this gift to every creature
I am the hope that lives in thee
Hold on to me and only me
And in this moment you will achieve
The dream, the wish that you believe
As long as its good and it harms none
Your every will, thy will be done
I am the secret now revealed
The universe is being healed
So sing this song in happiness
And know for sure that you are blessed
By earth and fire, wind and sea
As I will so mote it be!

Swati Prakash

The Words We Speak

A lot of us try to be positive in affirmations. Affirmations are simple statements spoken in present tense for positive effects.

Eg for slimming. “I am slim, trim and beautiful now.”
For wealth. “I have an abundance of wealth available to me at all times”
For love. “I am in a deeply loving and healthy relationship now”

These statements feel good and thats why they work.

However many of those who use affirmations have said they did not experience results quickly. Why?

The reason is they spoke affirmations a few times a day…and for the rest of the day they talked negative, thought negative and this canceled out a lot of the positive energy created by their affirmations.

For instance, the person who used the slimming affirmation, kept complaining about how she is so fat to her boyfriend and family members all day. So 90 percent energy of fat and just 10 percent of slim…did not give her sufficient results.

The person who spoke wealth affirmations ten times a day kept lamenting about how less he has when his wife went shopping, and how much he needs to save each penny when he had to buy what he needed. He bargained with every transaction and gave very less to others over fear of losing what he had. He kept saying he “cannot afford it”
So the major part of his energy was negative in contradiction to the few affirmations he did. How could he expect wealth to flow into his life then?

The person who practiced love affirmations once a week kept feeling sad and lonely the rest of the time and often sang…”Lonely, I am so lonely…” in his mind. So that is the energy he manifested…sad, alone, loveless….not the affirmations.

That is why you need to be aware and conscious of your words and thoughts.

The first advise I give to people who approach me for readings is to rephrase their statements.

Eg. “I am going through such a crisis…big problem….bad things are happening….etc etc” – is cancelled and transformed to, “I experienced a situation ….(describe situation) and I am sure this can be healed now.”

Right at the start of the reading.

Always use past tense, neutral expression and detached emotionally while describing problems. Only if you observe it can you transform it.
It was an energy vibration. You caught it. You can let go now…no need to hold on to unwanted vibration. Say it like it has no power over you.

Most important for us is to be in the Now moment….a magickal time where anything can change. Whatever darkness you went through…you are not going through it anymore. Stop saying you are going through it if you dont want to go through it. It can be over right now.

Say only positive words in the present tense.

This is the most important magickal advise for you to follow should you want beautiful and good things to fill your life.

Use only positive words in the present tense.

Practice this daily in everything you think and say, and only good comes your way.

Blessed be

Swati Prakash


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