Secret societies, underground witch-cult, hidden worship of pagan deities, clandestine initiations, ritual sex, skyclad covens, dark-magick, mystery religion, OCCULT – are these what you have been hearing all this while whenever you tried researching witchcraft and even Wicca?

Is witchcraft something that is learnt only through initiation in a coven?

Is the witch-power transferred only through either blood-lineage or coven-initiation?

Is Wicca a kind of occult ceremonialism?

Do you have to go through some secret ceremony to ‘become’ a witch?

Is Wicca just another word for the witch-cult?

These were questions that I have dealt with in my books but I still see a lot of darkness and ignorance being spread by certain ‘Wiccan’ traditions (also termed ‘fundamentalist’ Wiccans) who keep promoting Wicca as a secret, mystery cult that requires certain specific lineages and initiations by those who claim to have those lineages.

In the past people had several misconceptions regarding witchcraft and Wicca. These were owing to the fact that there was no open practice of paganism, witchcraft and magick in the western world not so long ago. The western world had been quite totally Christianised and any kind of belief that was not part of the widely approved Christian teachings would be classified as witchcraft and paganism and connected falsely to satan or devil worship. The only reason this was done was to establish a superiority of Christianity over any other faith, especially older faiths. The west, just like the east, had ancient pagan faiths such as the Celtic, Norse, Greek, Roman and other beliefs, deities, magical practices and folk-magic of the old-times. However these ancient faiths were so majorly suppressed and people so heavily converted that there remained hardly any who have a direct awareness of their ancient pagan ancestry.

Then came a host of secret societies who attempted to revive the ancient mysteries. These were perhaps inspired by travels of these occultists to the magickal eastern world that was still consisting of ancient pagan faiths and had not yet succumbed to conversions. Most of the occult practitioners of the west has some or the other inspiration from the eastern mystics for magic and paganism has been in a constant flow in eastern countries unlike the broken cords of the western paganism. At the same time in trying to somehow assemble the pieces of the pagan puzzle together, western occultists dabbled in various sources…  Egyptian, Greek, Mesopotamian, Arthurian, Hindu, Jewish and many more mystical ideas all intermixed with the prevalent Christian views. Their fear of being exposed while they formulated and crafted their ceremonial cults led to the creation of obscure, underground movements that spread in esoteric circles into which entry was barred to but a few, especially in the inner circles.

Witchcraft is different. Witchcraft is nothing but the crafting our our life with spiritual wisdom. It can be as simple as basic folk magic practiced all over the world and not just the west. Its existed for centuries of human history much before such secret cults were formed in the west. Witchcraft is also be the timeless practice of spiritual realisation and higher mind-power such as practiced by meditators and preached by self-help gurus of today. There have been witches and wizards, shamans and druids, babas and yogis all over the world who have had magical powers since ancient times. These magical powers were not always passed genetially through the bloodline, neither were they conveyed through any special ceremonies in covens. Initiations if any were presented to students by teachers as a transfer of blessing of the master, whether in group or individualy, but in no way was initiation the only way of ‘becoming’ a witch or magical practioner. One could gain the power on one’s own through inner work. In many cases one’s self discovery was a part of several lifetimes of inner work carried forward from past to present and future lifetimes and soul’s often remembered their previous learnings and awakened their powers with or without any formal lessons or initiations conveyed externally. This is true today as well, and will always be.

Wicca is an evolving and growing faith or religion which is spiritually open minded and based on the Wiccan Rede or guidance of harming none. It may involve witchcraft especially as Wiccan traditions have temples where trained healers help people through counseling and healing spells, rituals or therapies. Wiccan healers are highly studied in various healing modalities and therefore called witches. But not all Wiccans choose to become professional healers or witches. It is completely possible for you to accept Wicca merely as a faith by aligning with its philosophy without getting too deep into the witchcraft part of it.

Some people who are stuck in the secret-society times and cling on to their deeply ingrained versions of the history and origins of Wicca, imagine that one has to be ‘properly’ initiated in a coven to become a witch, to belong to a hereditary or initiatory lineage by a specific British person who claimed to have such a lineage from some obsure source. Their insistence that such and such lineage is the be all and end of of witchcraft, and that British witchcraft or traditional witchcraft or the ‘craft’ is how Wicca began and will therefore will have to end is being totally ignored today.

People now realise that most of the covens that practice such ‘traditional’ witchcraft are not practicing the original witchcraft of really ancient origin, but something that was put together or assembled from various sources by British occultists. These occultists were  indeed inspired by Margaret Murray’s witch cult hypothesis claiming that witchcraft is a religion of the horned god and moon goddess, carried out in secrecy in the western world through covens. Occultists who claimed to be initiates of such covens attempted an amalgamation of pagan mythologies with ceremonial magic which was in vogue then, and created their book of shadows full of rituals that were a mix-and match of several things. Many of these occultists were also perhaps high on substance abuse and indulged in a few ‘demonic’ practices to come up with rather kinky rituals involving harmful kinds of magical spells, sexual orgies, whipping initiates on the bottom, spewing ritual curses against those who angered them, offering animal sacrifices, harmful use of vodou dolls and secret skyclad or naked gatherings under the full moon. In the eastern world of magic too, there have been plenty of negative practitioners who focused on the left-hand path including harmful aghora to create fear of their power, sexual tantra to control women, rituals to curse and harm others and manipulative vashikarans that are equally abhorable. Practitioners of both eastern and western occultism who induldged in harmful rituals did not have especially pleasant, peaceful or happy lives of course, and had distrubed families, physical and mental health problems and complicated relationship or sexual lives as well as financial and legal difficulties to handle all the time. They clinged on to their covens and expanded their following to satisfy their shallow egos and to add something ‘special’ to their inner void. Some even took some sort of unusual prominence and a weird kind of respect in the world in which they would otherwise not be accepted very well if not for their interest value. Now to link Wicca exclusively to those kind of western occultists and claim that the real Wicca is what these people claim to be as their version of the rebirth of the ancient religion or craft is an absolutely outdated way of thinking.

Today witchcraft is not regarded as harmful sorcery but as a magical path of wisdom which is simple and meditative, using ordinary herbs, natural stones and crystals, positive thoughts and visualisations for healing and self help.

Today most people treat Wicca as something different from witchcraft in general as a spiritual path based on ‘An Ye Harm None, Do As Ye Will’ – the Wiccan Rede that is the main guiding philosophy making it one of the most positive of all faiths.

Today Wiccan witchcraft is not a cult, and not normally consisting of secret activities practiced in closed covens, but a spirituality which is an acceptable religion for the masses to easily follow.

Today there is not usually a need to get initiated in covens through any lineages, in order to ‘become’ a Wiccan, leave alone to become a witch. Thanks to the wide spread of knowledge and open spirituality through books, internet and the numerous teachers and institutes of spirituality in the new-age wave, we have a lot of people realising their inner-witch and also choosing Wicca as a faith on their own.

Instead of secret covens of those specific lineaged traditions who claimed to be the only type of Wicca, we now have many modern traditions that are promoting a positive and open form of Wicca to the masses without trying to control or dominate the Wiccan scene by proving their ‘legitimacy’ or superiority over other traditions or ideologies.

A lot of darkness and negativity has been lifted away from the entire gamut of Wicca, witchcraft and magick.

Today these paths have much more light and love, being free of rigid notions or narrow minded secret practices, free of harmful content and gimmicks, and welcoming to one and all regardless of your faith, your lineage or the lack of it, your ancestry or ethenicity.

Today while Wiccans worship pagan deities, they also realise that all deities represent their inner powers and instead of focusing on external idolatory or entity invocations, they focus on self-awareness and inner work.

Instead of focusing on ceremonialism and ritualism based on specific chants and rote-learned motions, Wiccans in the modern world focus on energy work, meditative spellcasting, inner healing and self-transformation with the aim of being happier, more positive people.

Today Wicca is indeed transforming the world for the better through an eco-consciousness, an awakeneing of nature loving spirituality and kindness towards all on earth. Wiccans are seen openly performing earth healing rituals that are fun and relaxing, and easy to participate in. There is a lot to learn, and even children can feel safe in these modern Wiccan events and gatherings where there are enlightened and loving souls who participate joyfully without any of the obsure mumbo-jumbo to puzzle, riddle and confuse the masses.

Indeed these are good times for spiritual seekers of the new Wiccan paths, and things are only getting better each day.

I hope that you will have the discretion to choose those teachers and guides who are truly helpful in your spiritual growth and will have the wisdom to understand that all teachers are ultimately here to guide you back to your inner-self.

Blessed Be


Swati Prakash


Recently in India there was a major controversy around ‘Radhe Guru Maa’ who seems to be in the news for wearing a little red dress among other reasons including charges of promoting dowry demands in a family. Earlier there were controversies around rape on gurus such as Asaram Bapu and so called ‘tantriks or aghoris’ who sometimes resorted to bizarre advise including harmful acts to make their clients get what they want (although it is common sense that negative acts will only give negative results). In all parts of the world there have been reports of clerics of churches and mosques accused of negative acts including child abuse and molestation.

Controversies surrounding Godwomen and Godmen of various religions are here to teach us some important lessons. As majority of our people flock in large herds to seek blessings from temples, idols, churches, priests, matas and babas, the real ‘God’ is quite misunderstood. It is time we stopped imagining God as an entity to be worshiped through places, things and people around us, and start understanding God as our inner truth to which we can anytime connect through our own spiritual effort.

In India being a spiritual guru has been all about dressing in a Hindu garb and having a mass of devotees around. Men dominated the spiritual scene for the majority and women have been held holy only if they could be seen as a ‘Maa’ or a mother figure.There is also a belief that spiritual people are to renounce all material wealth, dress in white or saffron robes and not generally be successful. Let us be honest with ourselves and not expect any person, no matter how spiritual to be somewhat ‘holier than thou’ and give up living itself. There is absolutely nothing wrong if they use wealth in the right ways to spread positive energy or if they get remunerated fairly or dress well. And there is nothing wrong if spiritual gurus are ordinary people living regular lives as women or men having normal families and relationships.

Spiritual gurus are guides are just here to give their own teachings but it is up-to the public to evaluate their knowledge, their wisdom and their advice as per the needs of society. Check whether they are propagating the right values. Holy robes and vestments do not make a person spiritual. People should understand that spiritual gurus are supposed to guide us to the right and truthful path – of better thoughts, positive actions and good karma rather than following negative spiritual role models.

We need spiritual gurus who are down to earth and who guide people towards their inner truth. Today what we need as a society are ordinary people who are more aware, more enlightened, connected with the inner self and those who know how to not merely follow the crowd but follow their own intuition. The onus lies on people.

If we really want a society free of fraudulent spiritualists then it is time we recognize those who are truly spiritual. To separate the truth from falsehood requires discernment. Instead of looking outside for guidance, we need to learn how to awaken our own inner power to choose our destiny. That’s the real meaning of witchcraft – the way to create our own life through right thoughts and actions.

Let us not blame others but look within. God or Goddess, or whatever name you give to the universe, is not and can never be something found outside. It is our own inner consciousness that requires awakening – let this be the time for our own awakening.

Let us discover our own inner power. We create our life through our own beliefs, we need to be released from our inner ignorance, we need to overcome our baseless fears, we need to learn to love and be happier people. We need to connect with nature and see each stone, herb and animal as divine. We need to respect men and women as equally divine. We need to love our-self as divine. Do not look for an outer God but look within and find your inner power to heal yourself. That is the real meaning of spirituality.

By Swati Prakash, author of The Goddess Speaks. Global Wicca Revolution and Yes, You Are A Witch

Facebook is our new world, social media replaces railway and telecom networks as our new lifelines..everyone seems to be saying everything over twitter all the time. The lines between friends, followers and public are blurred. But as we try posting our thoughts and updates to the world, who are we talking to? Others or our-self?

What if there was no-one else really out there…no friends, no followers, no lovers, no soulmates, no twin-flame, and no world ..

If spirituality is an inner-journey, why do you need outer lovers anyway?

What if this world is all an illusion…and all the people we know mere characters of a dream. Are we living in a dream world of our own creation? If duality is illusion and non-duality the truth, then infinity is just a distorted zero…and the masses of people are all mere projections of the illusory mind.

Think about it – what exactly is impossible? Have you ever tried controlling the weather with your mind? Ever tried living without food or water? Can people have the powers to move things with their thoughts? Can all wishes come true if we believe? Can you think of someone and make them visit you? Is everything indeed Magick? Yes, I have tried all of these and so I believe.

Do you feel there are any features of the world that cannot adjust with the mind? What if the world was indeed a mental projection and silence the only truth? How would you feel about family, friends, wealth, sex, food, movies, celebrities, media…

What if we were all indeed free of illusion?

No more hunger. No more anger.

No more disease. No-one to please.

No more desire. No need for power.

No more struggle. Nothing to figure.

No problem or solution. Only dissolution.

There is nothing to know, not even the know-er.

Nothing to lose and nothing to find.

Nothing at all, for there is no-mind.

Real love is indeed found when there is no-one to love anywhere around.

Blessed be!


Swati Prakash


(featured image – Osho Zen Tarot – Lovers card)


LegacyWorld(The World Card – Legacy of Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti)

Today I landed on a small ‘super-mario’ style video my son was watching for a minute and I observed how similar our life in this World is to this kind of play.

In many of these gaming videos we get to begin our journey with a lower level challenge. We enjoy overcoming the hurdles, and the whole idea is to stay alive while gathering all those points or powers that we can. In case we die we are reborn so that we can once again attempt to cross the level we left incomplete when we died. The levels go on and on to endless complexities until we have had enough of play and no longer seek any more.

Now picture your your life as one such game where you assume a character and start on a journey that goes on life after life merely to help you learn how to encounter various challenges, enjoy overcoming the hurdles and collect all your karma (points) when you do really well.

In our game of life our good deeds are our karma points while our self-destructive behaviors lead to our struggles and rebirths life after life. We are born and reborn into higher levels and planes of operation depending on how much we learn.

But consider these questions

  • Who is the programmer of your game of life – an outer force or the self?
  • Who assigns all these character and roles you encounter, including your own?
  • Who has created the rules of the game?
  • Are other characters and objects (whether friends or enemies) all ultimately here to support your game of life?
  • What all have you learnt and are willing to learn?
  • What degree of power do you have in the game of your life?
  • To what extent are your own focus and will power being used in your game of life to improve your play?
  • How deeply engrossed are you in the game of your life to even forget it is a game?
  • Do you feel disheartened or start all over giving yourself a new chance each time you are down?
  • If you feel like giving up out of sheer frustration, will the game end forever or will it go on until you learn life after life?
  • Are you having fun, or are you suffering in this game?
  • Most importantly – with this awareness – that it is ultimately nothing more than a game, how do you feel?
  • What would you do after you learn that it is all a self-simulated game – would you keep playing on and on into the endless levels and if yes, until when?
  • What is the whole reason or purpose of your play (not just the objective set in the game, but the reason you ever began playing in the first place?)

I wish you all the joy, peace and liberation through your self-realization.

Blessed Be

Swati Prakash



A lot of people seem to be worried about the current phase of Venus retrograde. For those who need to know, Venus is the planet that symbolizes romance, beauty, sensuality, pleasure, comfort and luxury as per astrological correspondences. Retrograde refers to the apparent reversal in the planets movement, in which it looks like it is going backwards instead of its usual path as seen from earth. Retrogrades are symbolic of past issues returning to us and their effects can be felt as intensely difficult or easier depending on the zodiac that the planet is transiting or passing over.

Many of us have required lessons and messages from our past, including our past lives. Until we heal the issue from the root cause the patterns of negativity keep returning throughout life and in other lives or rebirths as well. Unless we cleanse and release our inner unhappiness from our deepest self we are unable to manifest only positive and happy situations in our life. This is true for all areas of our life and love is no different.

First of all let me clarify that the positions of planets as per sidereal or Vedic astrology being closer to the actual placement of the planets as seen from earth are very different from the ones followed by most western astrologers who are often a zodiac away in their analysis. Venus retrograded in Leo on 25th of July and will be entering retrograde in Cancer on the 13th of August and will remain retrograde till 6th of September. After retrograde is over, Venus will travel again from Cancer to Leo on September 30th and shall stay in Leo till November 3rd before entering Virgo where it feels more comfortable as compared to the previous two zodiacs. As per vedic astrology, Venus in Leo and Cancer both can be problematic owing to the strained relationship of Venus with the Sun (lord of Leo) and Moon (lord of Cancer). Tensions in love and romance as well as issues concerning wealth and satisfaction can be blocking for many people who are living life unconsciously. Venus in Leo brings stress concerning our independence vis-a-vis our partnerships whether in career or love. Many might feel torn between their own personal goals and the demands of partnership. Venus in Cancer can bring moodiness, emotional downs and mistrust among people who might be connected in love or work. People from the past might resurface along with the same patterns or situations that were there before and you will have to figure out how to let go and release what is unnecessary in your life. Strengthening your will to do so will help. This is not the time to try love spells to bring back your ex who will certainly be more harmful than helpful to you on your life-path. Consider being more self-sufficient and enhance your self-worth while saying goodbye to all that is not in your best interest.

So is this phase of Venus retrograde more important for those who are of the Leo and Cancer zodiacs? First of all kindly do not follow your western sunsign for this analysis. Secondly, all of us have Leo and Cancer somewhere or the other in our birthcharts, even if it may not be our personality related zodiac. Our career, health, marriage or wealth for instance may be affected depending on which house Leo or Cancer represents in your natal chart. Therefore this phase connects all of us and not just those who belong to the raasi or vedic moonsigns of these zodiacs of Leo and Cancer. Get a Vedic astrologer to assess your individual birthchart for an accurate analysis.

It is very important to note that those who are highly conscious have as usual little to fear as they have the power, wisdom and knowledge to transform all energies into something positive and useful for them, no matter what the stars foretell.

Therefore my suggestion to you all – perform healing spells after taking past life therapy so that your past life issues that might revisit you between 25th of July to 6th of September can be healed from the root cause. Always try to free up your willpower and manifestation potential through inner work and meditation. An expert who can perform regression, spells and counseling along with astrological and tarot divination is best for you in this healing process as you guide or facilitator. You can also join some of my courses and keep reading my books to get more in-depth awareness about these although I try my best to be available for any healing session or consultation through my website if you need it.

All the best!

Swati Prakash


While I was in the kitchen today I had this thought – have we humans not gone a little too far from our original natural self. Look at our food for instance. How much of what we eat is pure and natural, and how much is ‘spoiled’ by boiling, frying, grilling, fermenting, baking, roasting and spicing. Yes, I said ‘spoiled’, because I was never so excited about eating cooked food as I was to eat fresh fruits and crisp, raw, juicy veggies. In my opinion cooking is absolutely unessential and destroys the vital healing qualities that nature provides. Yet having family and friends, I have come to understand that people prefer cooked food to raw food in general – thanks to centuries of genetic and cultural conditioning that I cannot just shake out of their rigid neural cells.

From the time we were animals to now, there is so much change that we have even forgotten that we are biologically animals too. We tend to regard nature as something separate or distinct from us and ourselves as a specie quite unlike any other in nature – even superior as such to the ‘lower’ forms of life.

Our clothes, our vehicles, our makeup is in stark contrast to the rest of nature, all naked, and all beautiful in its own amazing way. Amidst plants and animals, the vast blue sky, the endless stars and green-brown earth, I feel that I would rather admire nature than my own human self in the mirror. How can our limited and grossly artificial humanness compare to the infinite glory of the universe after-all?

Think about it – are we indeed superior or have we made ourselves more inferior to the rest of nature through our ‘progress’ and civilisation?

– Plants can manufacture food by just being still and channeling the energy from the five basic elements directly, sun for fire, rain for water, minerals for earth, oxygen for air and their own inner silence as the spirit that helps them exist and survive with such elegance and peace. Are they struggling and fighting for land, minerals and food? Are they crying and blaming others for their woes of hunger and disease like the majority of humans? They probably know and sense a lot more than us, by the way they move and shape their growth around rocks and other hindrances, the way they respond to light or darkness and the way they react to environmental changes. Watch how their ‘limbs’ grow back so soon and even healthier if they are cut, trimmed or injured and see how they easily offer their ripe fruits to be eaten by animals like us, in the hope that we scatter the seeds and let them propagate in new places. I am in awe of plants and I don’t think any animal can ever be superior to their amazing power, their healing skills and their calm, giving and gentle nature.

– Animals are provided so much by nature – they are effortlessly clothed and dressed as per the climate of their native lands. They have fur and wool to keep them warm in winter and cold regions, that gets shed automatically if the climate turns warm. There is tough skin on animals that rough it out in the jungles and deserts, almost like a natural armor. They have stripes for camouflage or stick like limbs on insects to prevent their extinction, and much more. Many have night-vision and extra sensory powers that go far beyond human senses to help them in every way. They do not require expensive hospitals to help them give birth to their little ones, they do it themselves and go searching for food soon after. The animal kingdom has many amazing qualities that nature has so lovingly bestowed upon them, to protect and care for them in every way. There is no creature that is not loved by nature unconditionally. And they love and trust nature so perfectly and wisely.

What if we humans were all natural too, using our natural teeth to munch natural fresh and wholesome fruits and allowing our bodies to adapt to the climate without the need for artificially crafted garments. What if we tried walking instead of using our cars to transport our lazy bodies in every little journey? Would we let nature give us real wings instead of large metal planes to help us travel long distances and how do we know this would not have happened if we had in-fact let it happen and let nature take its own course? What if we tried living amidst nature instead of high-rise flats, using our relaxed intuition instead of exhausting our limited brains to sort life out, and allowing our natural instincts to guide us everyday instead of gadgets and internet all the time. How would we look and what would life be like?

Will we have nuclear wars or real estate inflation? Will we have the need to struggle and work hard to earn a living only to be a slave to money? Will we pay endless bills and live day after day in our computerized routines so that we can some day buy a expensive designer bag and a matchbox apartment in a heavily polluted city to feel so proud? Or will we breathe fresh air and drink spring water to be happy as we are, allowing change as per nature desires, growing and spreading where our natural resources permit and limiting ourselves as per nature’s laws. Will we be content and satisfied with what we have or be trapped in our endless struggles to satisfy our corporate desires that consumerism has programmed so deeply into our brains. Will we have religions that teach us that God is far away, nature is inferior and we exist to rule over others in the name of this demonic God who tells us to kill? Or will we be a bit more sensible and share our love as children of our mother nature who gives us everything indeed if we are at peace, if we trust and if we let go?

What do you think?

Swati Prakash


global wicca revolution cover front

The full moon is Blue –  13 full moons this year and in July itself two!

It is called the Blue moon not because the moon turns blue in color literally, but because the event is rare as it happens once in 2.7 years or so.

The Goddess and the moon have been connected since eternity. The moon is a sign of our inner light that shines through the darkness of the night. The waning and waxing phases of the moon indicate the ‘maya’ process or illusion that we all get entangled in from time to time and the ups and downs that make life interesting. The full moon is a symbol of our complete realization and our full awareness of ‘who we truly are’ beyond the rise and fall of our mental tides.

The number 13 is a symbol of the lunar year which should have 13 moons ideally. No way is the number 13 unlucky. It has always been connected with the Goddess energy and this is why it was tarnished along with witchcraft, nature worship, the black cat and many other symbols that are truly harmless.

This time the Blue Moon is a Guru purnima – time to honor the Guru.

But who is the Guru?

is the guru someone or something other than you?

Who is the Goddess?

Is she a woman, a person or the Self?

Can the Goddess be our Guru?

This Full Moon is in Capricorn and its the harvest time – a celebration of our grain and corn. This festival has been called Lammas or loaf-mass as well as Lughnasad a time to honor the light or Lugh. As the Sun is opposite the moon and the Moon is illuminated fully this harvest, the God and Goddess are uniting, our consciousness rises and illuminates the darkest corners of our mind.

It is a time to thank the Goddess, nature who is providing us constantly. Feeding our endless needs in this multidimensional reality that is Self created. The Goddess or nature is everywhere, and everything as a reflection of our inner Self.

Capricorn is a practical sign and this full moon in Capricorn is a symbol of our needs fulfilled. It grounds us and brings us closer to earth as an extension of our inner self. As we reap the harvest let us remember that we reap as we sow and as we nourish. What we feeds becomes stronger. We have choices and they create our life.

Nature is the real teacher, the real guru. It is through life that we learn. The Guru is within and all our life is created from within. What better time than this to remember who we are than this time – here and now!

To me this time period is a reflection on my needs – a realization that I do not need as much as I thought I did until now. As I thank the Goddess this time, I feel her within me and I know I am the provider. I have enough and I feel full – that is full moon this time to me.

I am full, I have enough. My needs are all fulfilled.

Join me in this energy and converge.

This is the time!

There is more in my Book – The Goddess Speaks – Unlimited Healing for Everyone and Everything

frontcover GoddessSpeaks

Be the light.

Blessed Be

Swati Prakash


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