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Lady, mother, priestess high
Illuminates the earthy sky
Brightly shines the nightly queen
To everyone she can be seen
Lifting waters at midnight
Mystery, magick, power, might
Tonight the moon is full and round
Do you hear the silence.. its her sound
Close your eyes and gaze inside
Or mount your brooms, begin the ride
The witching hour has just begun
Join the party, share the fun
Beware however of the tide
And tread you not where werewolves hide
Its nothing but your hidden self
Those emotions you suppress
For when the moon seems less than whole
Who are you in heart and soul
Do you show the way you feel
Or use darkness to conceal
When your moods go high or low
Do you share and do you show
Are you scared and do you fear
And mask with smile your silent tear
Do you have the notion in your mind
That being human ain’t divine
Do you believe in angels more
And forget the faery lore
Do you have faith in an outer ‘God’
Or worship nature as Lady and Lord
Stop searching now and just accept
Your outer world and inner self
Know and love your earthly world
Your truth, your power, your inner gold
Its all here, heaven on earth
Thy kingdom come, just know your worth
You are divine in everyway
The moon is full not just today
Its just that till now you couldn’t see
Or solve this greatest mystery
That every night is full moon night
Its only hidden from your sight


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Im grateful for the life I live
For everything is but a gift
The dark of night, the light of day
I would have it no other way
The ups and downs, the lows and highs
The way things change, the way time flies
The lessons and the messages
In each one of the passages
In the book that stays alive
As the journey we call life
Its like a deck of playing cards
That comes together after falling apart
Like a jigsaw piece that fits inside
This picture can be seen in light
A light that shines from deep within
So I played the game to lose and win
I lost my blocks and inhibitions
To all my dreams and inner visions
I gained the truth of who I am
Unlimited by word or name
Infinite worlds, lives and dimensions
I manifest all my creations
All versions of reality
I am every possibility
I succeeded for I failed
I learned to heal because I ailed
Created problems so I could solve
I crystallised and then dissolved
I forgot and then remembered
Every bit that was dismembered
I collected and recollected
All the light that was reflected
To find the path back to the source
The inner light, the greatest force
And so I thank the One, I thank the Self
The Goddess who helps but herself
So grateful to the Self I stay
For the present of today
Life is a gift we give ourself
Know thyself and love thyself

Swati Prakash

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Life is no longer a mystery
Everything is the way it is meant to be
It is such a beauty
That gifts of your duty
The choices you make are your destiny

Its karma that helps you find what you seek
You sow and you nourish and then you reap
Your intentions are seeds
They yield what you need
You wrote your own fate in your history

No there is really noone else there outside
Who will create, will, form, control or decide
Your fortune and future
As per law of nature
Depends just on what you project from inside

So await you no more for messaiahs of lore
Someone to save you wont turn up at your door
Its noone but you
So decide what to do
Your thoughts, feelings, actions are yours to control

Be your own master and master yourself
You can heal and wisen with a little self help
You can learn and teach
Practice what you preach
The universe is constantly healing itself

Soon you will see that the magick in you
Starts growing and glowing, a beacon so true
As above so below
The world will follow
The simple equation of get what you do

The God is the Goddess, the Universe, Nature
Creator of all, past present and future
Its in all of us
We are Universe
Lets be our own saviors, lets be our own teachers

For life is no longer such a mystery
The truth is revealed in all certainty
The new age is here
To free us from fear
And guide us to real love and light, Blessed Be

Swati Prakash

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When the moon drifts high and the sun is low
We go to a place that we all know
A place where hidden things we keep
The mystery world we all call sleep
Where dreams, hope and inspiration
Shine like stars in a constellation
Where we conquer all of our nightmares
To banish every doubt and fear
Here our faith is put to test
So that we may learn to rest
To release all of the stress and strain
From every corner of our brain
The goddess here is dressed in dark
To help discover, note and mark
The point in time, that period
Of the monthly flow of fertile blood
With the help of Luna, queen of night
Let us embrace our feminine side
To make more sense of your confusion
She gives you gifts of true intuition
With open arms we can embrace
Her beauty, softness, calm and grace
Man or woman, girl or boy
A journey there we can enjoy
To a world of secrets yet untold
You hide them here when young and old
She keeps them safe till you return
Waiting for your lessons learnt
So that you may let go, forgive
Let sadness die and learn to live
And then she’ll open your inner eye
To show the truth beyond all lies
Its very real unlike it seems
The world inside, the world of dreams
You can never be complete
Until your inner world you meet
Stop repressing and bring to light
All the darkness there inside
Go on reveal the naked truth
Lift your veil, your mask, your hood
You have the courage to transform
Those things you felt were somewhat wrong
Begin the magick and make a change
You can take a whole new range
One that gives you peace and health
Strength, respect, love, joy and wealth
Just remember all you seem
Is like a dream, within a dream
So when you travel deep within
Do not be proud of what you win
Just try to lose your ego great
And truly master your own fate
You control your destiny
So relax and let it be
There is no need to shout and fight
Its only you, noone else inside
Let go of struggle, be at ease
There is noone else to please
Just be yourself and close your eyes
Then you will dream of something nice
When you can dream as per your will
Or let your mind be clean and still
Then you truly have arrived
At destination happy life

Swati Prakash

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I am the Spirit, I am Soul
I am the all, I am the whole
I am the One, yet I am None
I live somewhere in everyone
I am inside and outside
I am found where truth resides
I am below, I am above
I am devotion, I am love
I am the God and Goddess too
I am the Good in me and you
I am divine, pure and sublime
I am eternal beyond time
I cannot be harmed or broken hurt
I cannot be tainted, torn or cursed
I am your highest possibility
I can be you, you can be me
I am not cornered, trapped or bound
I can easily be found
When you stop searching here and there
Then you meet me, my voice you hear
In silence when you stop your mind
Then this treasure you will find    
I was always there awaiting you
The part of you which is clear and true
So let go of all those things you hold
Do not worry or control
Be at ease and be at peace
All the struggle just release
Be your simple natural zest
And you will be your very best
I am the power you have inside
To be happy, kind and wise
So go ahead and do rejoice
I am your will, I am your choice
Everytime you choose to be me
You fill the world with good energy
You can heal the universe
Begin with yourself and help the world
Be doubtless, sincere, firm and strong
Follow the right path, you cannot go wrong
See me in every thing and being
In autumn, winter, summer, spring
I am in the dark and in the light
In the day, dawn, dusk and night
You always have me in your heart
I am your perfect innermost part
I live through nature in this world
Worship me through care to earth
Love yourself from head to feet
Learn and teach this to all you meet
Live in truth and you will live well
And truth be told in all you tell
When everyone unites with me
The world will shine so perfectly
Believe in this, create this future
Give this gift to every creature
I am the hope that lives in thee
Hold on to me and only me
And in this moment you will achieve
The dream, the wish that you believe
As long as its good and it harms none
Your every will, thy will be done
I am the secret now revealed
The universe is being healed
So sing this song in happiness
And know for sure that you are blessed
By earth and fire, wind and sea
As I will so mote it be!

Swati Prakash

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Every thing you think or dream
Can affect your life unseen
Every person that you meet
Every stranger that you greet
Every one who you connect
You can bless, help and protect
Every breath you take and leave
Sends vibrations far and deep
Every feeling that you feel
Can cause the universe to heal
Every step you take ahead
Paves a way for others to be led
So walk in magic, be the path
Give yourself both head and heart
If you want the world to perfect be
Believe and make reality
Say and hear the words divine
From your soul and from your mind
Only goodness give and tell
Every word you speak is a spell

Swati Prakash

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You can live your life without a lie
You can change your world with the blink of an eye
You can cast a spell and get your wish
You have the power, yes – you are a witch
You can travel to lands that were yet unknown
You can talk to trees, and birds, and stones
You are wise and kind, yet strong and firm
You share insights, you teach and learn
You can laugh like a child, dance like the breeze
You can close your eyes and be, just be
You can love and care, you spread delight
Your mind is sharp, your heart is light
You have aeons of knowledge, endless energy
You live in harmony, a natural synergy
You and the universe are forever one
When you make an intention, just consider it done
You see the unseen, you know the unknown
You are at peace in the crowd, you can be on your own
You crave for nothing, you have it all
You are content with everything, big or small
You are a gift to this world, you spread your light
Yes you are a witch, in every right
So know yourself and see your face
Accept this truth with loving grace
Be yourself, reveal your power
The world needs you this very hour
Heal and guide, help every soul
You have received this holy role
Attain your noble destiny
Yes, you are a witch, so mote it be!

Swati Prakash

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Your luck is your creation
Right thought and good vibration
As you give so you receive
Life becomes what you believe
Magick happens all the time
All of nature is divine
Wind and water, stone and tree
Everything is energy
Time, space and all dimensions
All adjust to your intention
Everything you see or hear
Is born of either love or fear
So free your mind and open your heart
Take one step, just make a start
Leave the past, don’t fear the future
Right now you are one with nature
You are truly here in this moment
Cast your spell with inner silence
Right now feel your inner power
Realise just who you are
Hear the truth, know this for sure
You are the One, and nothing more
You are the sky, the stars, the earth
You manifest the Youniverse
Heal the world, heal the self
You are here to heal and help
By earth and fire, wind and sea
You are the Goddess, Blessed Be!

Swati Prakash

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Clear your mind and think good thoughts,

Say affirmations, pray a lot,

Practice kindness and compassion,

Live your life with utter passion,

Good intentions guide you through,

And what you believe will come true,

But you will Manifest for sure

When you open up your Psychic Door,

And use the Witch’s Power to,

Deliver what is best for you,

So light a Candle, chant the Words,

Cast the Runes and mix the Herbs,

Brew the Potion with emotion,

Close your eyes and visualise,

Feel the power, free desire,

Earth and Water, Wind and Fire,

Sweep the Broom and wave your Wand,

And manifest the good you want

Thank the Goddess and the God

Learn the secrets of the Craft

For words, thoughts, actions, all work well

But nothing beats a Witch’s Spell

- Swati Prakash (http://blog.swatiprakash.com)

To register for courses or order your readings and spells visit www.tarotindia.com



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Goddess Bless You All!

I want to tell you that I am so thankful to the Goddess today.

After all who we all are is all thanks to the Goddess and Her mercy.

It is in the Goddess that I trust.

The Goddess in whose hands I place my universe and whose love makes the world go round.

The Goddess that I turn to in my every breath for inspiration, guidance and support…

The Goddess within me and the Goddess within you.

I want to share with you that this Goddess is in every person whom I know…and in every place and thing.

Every particle or wave is Her expression, everything Her creation, every situation tells Her story.

She is both the creator and the destroyer…destruction being just a word for Transformation…for she is Energy and it is never destroyed…it only changes form …through the power of Consciousness that is also Her.

The consciousness that is my Higher Self is the Goddess in full bloom, awake and powerful.

The energy of my lower self is also the Goddess, unaware and incubating… awaiting stimulation.

And that there is a separate Goddess and God is an illusion. The Goddess is both the God and the Goddess…the absolute and the infinite, the Spirit and the Love that is Everything.

The Goddess is every bit real, in flesh and blood.

The Goddess is every bit ethereal, in Spirit and soul.

The Goddess is powerful. She is unlimited of infinite forms.

She is not just your mother, but also your wife, your daughter, your sister, your girlfriend, your ex who left you, your current flame…

She is also the absolutely, astonishingly hot woman you fantasize about, and she is totally and utterly respectable nevertheless…

I see Her as a naked woman on the cover of a global magazine, proud of her feminine self, unafraid of her nudity, unafraid of Herself…

I see Her as a child playing in the garden…

As an artist painting a story…

As a poet writing a sonnet of love….

As a ghost lost in between two worlds, and as an angel helping souls in transition…

As a sinner and a saint.

She is both duality and its transcendence.

You know you have recognized Her when you see her in the eyes of the one who hurts you the most.

In the eyes of the one who loves you, its of course easier to see Her.

You know you have Her within you in the times of your greatest losses and defeat.

She says – “Follow Me!”

You surrender to Her… There is nothing else left to do.

When you know there is no more to desire you have attained Her.

For she is desire itself….

Unashamed, free of guilt, absolutely passionate and wild.

Oh My Goddess!

Did I just hurt the sentiments of those who believe you should be shown as a woman in a long white saree, as a holy mother or as a saintly virgin who gives birth immaculately?

Yet I am unafraid… for you are who you are, and I am proud of you just the way you are…independent, fearless and charismatic, sexy and stylish, you have the right to be who you want.

At the same time you are indeed also the gentle virgin who gives birth immaculately… for there is no limit to what you can be!

You are Choice and choice-less awareness…

You are life itself…ever changing, full of possibility.

You are You who are reading this..

And Yes Yes Yes…You are Me!


By the Goddess Blessed Be

High Priestess Rev. Swati Prakash


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