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Who created the world?

Last week a group of ladies on the streets handed me some free publications and i was completely sure they were promoting the Bible.
I am amazed and impressed at how the texts were so much about nature and science, as if explaining to the modern reader how the Bible is not against science at all.

The books marvelled at nature, diversity, evolution, earth and how it functions so beautifully. According to them such marvels cannot come to be in nature all by chance. There has to be God behind it all.

So today on Christmas eve I ask you who is this God?

Are you satisfied in your curiosity about how nature is so wonderfully designed by the theory that ‘God made everything’?

Did you have any curiosity in the first place?

Is Christmas or Diwali or Eid or any other festival just an occassion to make merry, or do you ever think about God and the universe on these days?

Are you just wishing each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year just because everyone around is doing the same?

Are you even Happy in the true sense?
Or are you just like one of those who are ever engrossed in the process of existence, so thickly, so tightly engrossed in your material existence, ever to think..who created the world?

Is ‘who created the world’ a question you asked as a child and then you were told..God created the world..and you said ‘GOD who?’…and noone really had any idea..so they handed you these religious books like the Bible and Gitas of the world for answers you were never going to get from them (if you ever succeeded in interpreting them in the first place)?

By the time you grew up you were just too busy earning a living or bringing up babies to actually be like that child again who wanted the truth.
And then one day your child asked you, or will ask you this question..,Who is the creator?
And you wouldn’t know what to say and will hand the child the same old books and they will grow up just as confused, just as unaware, just as busy solving the problem of staying alive..to ever ask this question again.

Today as you join the festivities around I want you to ask this question to yourself..once again. And I hope it will be a spiritual rebirth for your inner child. A chance to know the truth and to know thyself. That will be a real cause of celebration.

Then maybe you will fall in love with life again.
Maybe the sorrows of the world will end.
There will be green forests, happy animals, clean air and water on earth.
We will no longer look for someone superior than nature to take the credit of creation away.
Nature creates, it has consciousness, we visualise nature as the goddess who connects to us all. Not a virgin, but a full and complete goddess..fertile and beautiful in every way, powerful beyond compare.

Science tries to understand nature. Religions have tried to close down the scientific mind inside our inner child. Now religions are threatened by science…trying to prove they were not wrong. After all these centuries of creating darkness on earth.

Lets no longer fool ourselves anymore. There is only truth to be found inside us. Let there be light..

The new sun is born again this solstice of winter, it used to be called Yule, it represented the birth of God the Consciousness from the womb of mother nature as sun regained power after the darkest night of the solar year.

Blessed Yule friends..to those of us who still celebrate nature.

And may nature inspire us all to stay in wonder, to stay in love, to marvel at the mother nature who is created by the Self, of whom God the Consciousness is a part.
Lets awaken this God within, who loves nature and protects her everyday. And lets not think of this God as someone outside nature.

Blessed be!

Rev. Swati Prakash

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I will keep this post really simple.

The world is composed entirely of energy vibrations.

As and when you wish to improve something…health, wealth, family, earth..anything you relate to…you can send an energy vibration to that situation and begin the healing.

Your healing energy vibration can be one or more of the following:
1. A clear positive thought and imagination, eg when you feel ill, say “i am healthy” and imagine you are up and running
2. A good feeling generated deep inside…happiness, peace, love..just feel it and heal it
3. A desire or intention…feel excited about the change you are creating and love it with heart and soul
4. An object you can carry, keep, arrange around you that signifies the change you want..eg a stone, crystal, jewellery, image, burning a candle or incense that signifies the healing will be of immense help

The more you meditate, the more easily you will be able to effect the healing in any situation. This is because meditation stills your mind and reduces conflicting vibrations by replacing them with peace. It helps you connect with your inner self which is the creater, experiencer and observer of your life thereby putting you in a position of power.

Common folk never knew about meditation and energy vibration until now. Its only witches and wizards of ancient times that had this knowlede and power. Now you have a chance to enhance your knowledge and power…and thereby life itself.

Visit Magick or http://www.tarotindia.com and learn more.
Share this post with others and empower them now.

Blessed be!

Rev. Swati Prakash

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The truth is that we all are composed of nothing but energy vibrations. Our energy waves flow through our channels, circuits and concentrate in our chakras or energy centres, both major and minor. How we look, feel, behave, what we achieve, our health, wealth and relationships, basically all things in our life depend on our energy vibrations.

Do our energy waves change with time?
Most definitely yes. Some of us change faster than others. Witches and wizards can shift their aura at will such as while shapeshifting.
Others who perform very less spiritual healing will have more static auras. Similarly witches and wizards can shift their life situations more easily than those who perform less inner work.

What do auras look like?
Auras being energy waves need not be visible to the naked eye. Some people sense auras as light and colour visible with practice around people, animals, plants and objects. An aura scanning device can help in this by collecting biofeedback through touch. Some of us can sense aura energy through our palms or pendulum dowsers. Our tarot and oracles can be quite revealing too. How you feel around someone when you are in a neutral state can help you understand their auras. Psychic energy is required for aura reading, so do get trained even if you are a ‘natural’.

Here are some pointers:

If you are depressed or unhappy your aura might shrink and become very dull and people may not feel your presence or withdraw from you if you start vaccuming them. Basically take care of the energy you are radiating as it can affect others and heal yourself professionally.

If you are angry, frustrated and destructive your aura could be dark or muddy and this blocks your spiritual progress.

If you are attacked by someone your aura might have tears and holes from which energy might leak. Traumas may damage auras too.

A healthy aura seems bright, radiant and has a positive effect on the surroundings.

If you are more or less materialistic, practical, focused on day to day life and survival your aura will be mostly red. You are less likely to be concerned about others or creative activities. You are then fully grounded in base reality, highly involved with the physical world.

Orange personalities have more focus on enjoyment of existence. They take pleasure in food, sex and adventure, beauty and entertainment. They can be artistic and at times self loving, seeking personal joy above all else.

Those with yellow auras are bright, intelligent and happy. They enjoy power and status. They are likely to be entrepreneurial. Full of confidence and charisma they can lead and win. Their world does seem to revolve around themselves. Recognition and fame is important to them.

Green auras indicate affectionate and charitable individuals who consider relationships paramount and often live for others. Love is as important as oxygen to them. They are people friendly and inclusive in approach.

If you love talking and expressing yourself then blue is your colour. blue personalities enjoy telling the world what they know. They are clever and good with words. Writers, bloggers, speakers are often made of this.

Indigo people are those who have mind power and psychic skills. Seeing the unseen and knowing the unknown is their forte. The mystical path appeals to them. They are sensitive, intuitive and otherworldly at times. Their third eye is open and this helps them understand facts directly without doubts.

Violet is the colour of spiritual healers and wise witches. They focus on the meaning and purpose of life and everything. They have faith in the higher self and they experience the higher divine self through meditation. They know that the visible physical world is created out of vibration and can be affected through this higher consciousness. They are likely to serve as guides and teachers who help others live more meaningfully.

Have these questions ever crossed your mind: “Who am I? Why am I alive? What is the truth about this universe?”  I really hope so because this means your aura was ready to shift and you are ready for spiritual awakening.

To be spiritual is to let go of fears that pull you down. Raise your energy higher by healing your aura. You will feel a difference immediately. After a few sessions you will start to enjoy greater peace, bliss and awareness and this will be good for you in every way.

You are urged to come and get your aura scanned. A 3d simulation is available along with live video so you can see your chakras and the various sections of your aura 360 degrees.

Call Magick 02265250328 or 9867859058 for reading and healing of your aura. Email store@supermagick.com or visit http://www.tarotindia.com

Blessed be

Rev. Swati Prakash

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These days with the beginning of the New Age of spiritual awakening, plenty of people are entering the field of healing everyday. However I see tremendous confusion around in understanding the term Witch or Wiccan and a confusion of who is really what kind of healer. Let me try to clear the doubts and help you in your search for healing.


You can be a witch if you are performing some or the other healing – whether energy healing (Reiki/ Pranic healing etc) or candle magic, religious rituals (Hindu, Christian or any other) or angel magic, feng shui spells or astrotherapy, tantra-mantra or past life healing. There are several forms of magic and several types of practitioners who help and heal the world through their particular spiritual art or craft (or science if you prefer to call it that). Yes if you are into magic or spiritual healing, including religious healing of any kind you are a witch.

To be a Wiccan is not the same as a witch. Just because you are doing some kind of spells or magic it does not automatically make you a Wiccan witch. You may be one of the above kind of witches – eg a Hindu witch, a Christian witch, a Feng Shui witch, a Reiki witch, an atheist witch, a tarot witch, an astro witch or any other.

So do not just link Wicca with witchraft. A Christian priest is performing as much witchcraft as a Wiccan priest, just the ceremonies are a bit different or philosophy may be unique in their owns ways – but both are magical in themselves.


To be a witch is to be wise and proficient in healing. If no energy is flowing through you but you are only sucking energy you are not a witch but a vampire. To be a healer is to give not just absorb energy. You need to channel and direct energy towards something other than the ‘’limited you’’ not just all to yourself. You need to connect with the higher self which is the source of all energy and is unlimited in energy, instead of draining out objects and people just to gain personal power, self-importance or personal enjoyment. There are plenty of vampire- people who masquerade around as witches and even as Wiccans and they basically attach to witches and Wiccan groups to absorb energy during rituals instead of performing any healing for others or the world.

If you see that a person is basically cold and unconcerned about others, self-obsessed, thinks no end of himself or herself and feels no genuine love or concern for others or for the planet you know it is a vampire not a witch. They may have magical power but not healing power. They may have knowledge but it is airy and just lip service than real healing energy. Basically their idea is to impress others and attract them than to heal.

You will see witches always giving care and affection to plants and animals, children and people in need. They will feel more warm and energising. They will add energy to crystals and magical objects than just draw energy from them. They will be generous with their energy.

In the hands of a witch energy of the things or people they are connecting with multiplies instead of reduces. A stone they wear will gain power than lose power. You can if you are intuitive or psychic feel the energy of a witch and of their belongings and see that they are vibrating with healing power. Even a shake hand can tell you if a person has healing energy or is an energy sucker.

Witches will form genuine relationships and friendships. They will not just be with people from whom they will gain something or the other materially or spiritually but also be with people to give some comfort and help to them, or just to enjoy existence together.

A vampire will usually drain others out and drink the juice of wisdom or knowledge from master to master, have several teachers, several lovers whom they drain out and they will go to different stores and take energy from all the items there. If they buy something they will try to give as less as possible and take as much as possible. If they do a course they will take extra time and give least amount of respect. On the other hand a witch or healer will be more self-contained and not always needing energy from others. They will go to stores to buy things to heal not only to browse and absorb. They will have balanced relationships and mutually beneficial associations. They will respect the time and energy of others and not just take more and more of it without adequate balancing or compensation.


Now this is where the maximum confusion existed throughout the medieval and dark ages. Black magic sorcerers are those people who somehow have come to the totally wrong conclusion that they can harm others and still be protected. They are unaware and unenlightened souls who believe that they are insulated against negativity no matter how much negativity they create for others. They send harmful or malicious thoughts or even conduct harmful spells or rituals and it always comes back to them in some or the other lifetime. They can harm animals or plants or humans and sacrifice them to their wish fulfilment needs, thereby digging their own grave. These are individuals that come from the dark ages and are no longer required in the world of light.

Witches on the other hands are wise ones and healers. They know the law of nature or Karma is always operating and there is no escaping the truth. They only conduct spells for the betterment of themselves and others. The words Witch or Wizard itself come from the words Wit and Wisdom so it is necessary that there be no confusion between unwise black magic sorcery and witchcraft which is the craft of the wise.


When someone says they are Wiccan it implies that they follow the specific religion of Wicca – basically Harm None, believe in the power to change your life through inner work (Magick) and regard the highest being of divinity as The God/dess which is nature worshipped as the five elements of nature – Spirit (hidden or subtle energy of nature), Air, Fire, Water and Earth (physical realm). You need not have studied or gained initiation to be a Wiccan, just like you need not be a trained Hindu priest to be a Hindu, or a Christian monk to be a Christian. Basically not every Wiccan is a Wiccan Priest or Priestess or a Witch. You can be a simple follower of Wicca, a believer.

To be a Wiccan Priest or Priestess is to be a Healer or Witch who is qualified and initiated to perform Wiccan rituals. The initiation and qualification is usually given by a Wiccan Tradition or system of Wicca through the High Priest/ess of that Tradition after the person dedicatedly studies for a minimum period of time. The Tradition should be well known and recognised and should have proper courses and ritual format so that they can give the right knowledge and healings to people.

Here are some do’s and don’t for your protection and safety when you are looking for the right healer:



Do – Check the person’s credentials by reading up and getting   references. See if the person is reputed and knowledgeable. Check   certifications.

Don’t – Just follow one person or a few references as the people   before you may have been misled too. Use your own judgement after proper   research.

Do – Follow intuition and check the energy if you can. You must feel   good about the person and the healing. It should feel right and be positive.

Don’t – Submit yourself and bow down to the healer and be under their   spell if it is not for the ultimate good or negative in any way.

Do – Go to healers for self- improvement and for improving your life –   as this is in your hands and is possible with healing

Don’t – Go for attracting someone specific or for getting something   very specific – no one can guarantee that, plus it is unethical and you will   be scammed

Do – Go to a healer with a reputed office, business address or   healing centre so that you know you can come back for any concerns

Don’t – Go for random healers in fairs or on the streets who do not   have a proper working address as they may be fly by night operators

Do – Go for healing for long term. Be patient. Spells and magic works   best over several sessions of inner work to make you feel totally healed

Don’t – Expect quick results or quick fix cures for instant   gratification – magick always takes as much time as is required from case to   case

Do – Give a reasonable energy exchange so that you can continue the   healing throughout the long term course

Don’t – Fall for those impostors who charge a lump sum in lacs or   crores for a one time spell or magical healing and then leave you high and   dry

Do – Go for spiritual healing and not for physical healing.  Physical body will get effects of healings   in the long run but healing cannot be a substitute for medical help.

Don’t – Expect healing to give you a miracle cure for long term or   life threatening illnesses. Take healing for inner self and medical help for the   outer body cure – complimentary medicine.

Do – Understand that the healer is not god and is not a connection to   god. We are all connected to nature and god is within us all. A healer only   helps as a catalyst. Your inner self heals.

Don’t –Make a god-man or woman out of a spiritual healer – they are   as human as the rest of us. They cannot heal you, they can just send good   energy or intentions your way and it is up-to you to accept the healing.

Do – Take as much healing regularly as you need. Just like you need   to care for your beauty, physical health or pay your insurance premiums, you   also need to invest in spiritual healing regularly. Meditate daily and take   help of healers or learn healing.

Don’t – Give last priority to spiritual self. You might be spending a   lot more time, money and energy on clothes, makeup, night outs, food, entertainment   and hairdressers than on spiritual healing and very-very less on spirituality   so please bring some balance.





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Greetings of the Season as we bid adieus to summer and say hello to winter in the northern hemisphere!
Samhain or summer’s end (also called Halloween or Hallows Eve) on 31st October 2013 is the prefect time to go within. The outer work now done all summer, we must go within and embrace the goddess or the inner self through meditation and inner healing. This is why it is also the Wiccan New Year. This celebration would be close to Diwali or the Hindu New Year as well…. all the right reasons for celebrating Divinity and coming closer to the Higher Self. Magick is here to help you add more joy to your celebrations.
Visit us soon at MAGICK, Sai Pooja, 16th road, Near Mini Punjab Restaurant, Bandra West (Tel 02265250328 or 09867859058) any day of the week from 11am to 9pm including Diwali and you will find what you seek:
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Crystals: Genuine Navgrah Stones for all Planets, Cabuchons, Tumbled and Raw Stones in various varieties including the popular Amethyst, Quartz, Tourmalines and the new and interesting Aqua Aura, Ruby Aura, Moldavite, Tektite, Picasso Jasper, Lodestones and an astonishing variety of many many new crystals are now available at Magick for your spells, home, workplace and for meditation
Herbs: From Sage to Arnica, Feverfew to Juniper, discover the power of natural herbs imported from all over the world specially for your healing at Magick
Candles: Add more light to your festivities with candles of every colour and shape with instructions on usage and matching oils available at the Magick store
Amulets and Charms: Several Talismans from all over the world, from Angels to Yantras, Pentacles to Evil Eyes, Dreamcatchers and magickal dolls, you will find them all at Magick
Jewellery: Sacred jewellery in various stones is now available in the form of necklaces and jaap malas, bracelets and pendants, rings and earrings for you to feel magickal all over
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Every item is energised and the intention and instructions are on the item label at Magick for your education, ease of selection and convenient usage.
FREE EVENT INVITATION: Join us for a free meditation and a Free Wiccan Ritual for Celebrating the Goddess within and for Earth Healing – this time focused at Protection and Empowerment to Women. This will be on a Ferry leaving from Gateway of India at 7pm on 31st October 2013. Call or message on 09867859058 to confirm your participation and bring your friends.
Email us on store@supermagick.com
Courses and readings/ healing sessions available on request – just set up an appointment at Magick.
Get the details of all courses as well as free guides on www.tarotindia.com/guide
Blessed Be
Rev. Swati Prakash
Earth Healing Temple at Magick

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Did sorrow cross your path again?
Have you seen more crime of the same kind happening around as the ones in newspapers recently?
Always attracting the same energy pattern so far?

We are always in a constant energy exchange with the rest of the universe.
Everything is energy. Its not just your deliberate thoughts that become things. Try to see what energy everything brings.

Just like you consume food by eating you are absoring energy by looking at things, reading, watching movies or media, listening to people or sounds and through all your senses including ESP.

Similarly others may be prone to absorbing the energy you generate or reflect.

We can only manifest those vibrations that we think and feel strongly about as they become our beliefs and then materialise.

Do you love watching violent cinema?
Have you been listening to some very sad love songs lately?
Feeling frustrated at the state of the nation?
Economic uncertainty screaming out from newspapers to you recently?
Feeling angry with a sense of injustice?
Feeling bitter about your ex?
Tired with the lies around you?

Now cancel all these out by detatching and cutting those threads of energy vibration that you were absorbing so far.

Choose to be unaffected by negative news.

Choose to surround yourself with and absorb only positive and happy vibrations. More importantly choose to emit these good energies as much as possible.

Read the right literature.
Eat healthy things.
Place beautiful and magical items around.
Listen to uplifting music.
Smell aromatic oils.
Feng shui your space.
Light a candle that symbolises your intent.
Go to satsanga or in other words spend time with enlightened souls.

Yes this means letting go of some of your cherished murder mysteries as well as some of the so called realistic cinema.
This means not meeting those friends who mattered once.
This could mean cutting off the cords with cribby, frustrated and depressing folks even if they are close family.
This means throwing away all those gadgets or furniture that serves you no more or blocks the flow of energy.
And do yourself a favour by burying into earth those stones that are damaged even if they were expensive.
Unsubscribe to and delete from your inbox time wasting mailers.
Stop complaining about government, things you bought, services…

Say only positive things to yourself and to others in Present tense.
Cheer up. Life is good and you are doing very well.
You are now absorbing and radiating goodness.

Blessed be
Rev. Swati Prakash


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What is the meaning of love?
Can there be different kinds of love?
How do you tell if its indeed love?
Is the path of love difficult or easy?
What does it really mean to ‘love yourself’

Let’s take some time to reflect upon these essential questions.

Love is definitely a kind of energy or vibration.
By its very nature love is positive energy…completely supportive of your life purpose.

To love yourself implies awareness of your life purpose and choosing only those thoughts, feelings and behaviors that help you in the fulfilment of your life purpose.

True love is when you are totally dedicated and involved in fulfilling your life purpose.
Others in your life will be supportive of your life purpose too…as they are all extensions of yourself.
The more you are aligned with your higher self the more you will find that everyone and everything is together with you in helping you achieve and experience your true destiny.
The less you are in touch with the higher self, the more confused or chaotic will your relationships become.

You will know that true love is part of your life when you flow in your lifepath with ease and relaxation, fully present in each moment…experiencing joy and fulfillment.

True love is experienced in your life as a spiritual energy that is absorbed in every aspect of your existence. Emotionally it gives joy. Mentally it gives freedom. Spiritually it liberates. Physically it gives a feeling of wellnes and health. True love radiates from your aura and magnifies your healing power.

You need not have a partner to experience true love.
Your soulmates and twin flame can enhance your experience of true love.
True love is when you feel yourself expand…everything and everyone in the universe is touched by you.

This is so different from the fear based emotional attachments to our kith and kin that we sometimes called love.
This is not quite the same as the emotionally draining pain and hurt we felt when someone hurt us and we believed it to be love.
This is nowhere similar to the excitement or romantic flush we felt when sexually  drawn to another.

True love is felt for the universe and not just for your lower egoic self, partner, children, parents, pets or belongings.

When you are attuned to your expanded infinite self then you experience true love unconditionally and completely and with your realisation the universe begins to heal and become a better place.

True love will destroy all falsehood, release you from the darknes of ignorance, make you a better person by enlightening yourself and the universe. The Goddess knows herself…

Learn the truth about meditation, energy work, magick and connect with your higher self. To love yourself is to never deny that which is good for you and the universe.

Blessed be!

Rev. Swati Prakash

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We usually hear about how noone is perfect.
Is perfection a myth?
Is it impossible for us to attain perfection?

Complete, whole, total, unconditional, unlimited, doubtless, absolute, infinite….Perfect in every way is totally possible.
Infact it is our deepest inner truth.

In the Wiccan Rede we have the word Perfect in a most wonderful context.
The Wiccan Rede is a beautiful guideline for those of you who wish to be introduced to Wicca as a spiritual path.

It begins by stating that we must abide by the Law in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
What Law are we talking about here?
Wicca is a nature based religion. The Law of nature or universe is the sacred law of Karma. Our actions generate results. This is true for physical actions as well as mental or emotional vibrations created by us. Intention is also karma. Vibrations sent by us return to us. We are all interconnected in this Uni-verse. We give energy, we receive energy… we are all One infinite being.

There should be no doubt about this.
Love is the Law

When we act out of Love we are aware of our true spiritual nature…of our Oneness.
We send good energy not because we are afraid of bad karma but because we love ourself.
What we are doing to ‘others’ is infact what we are doing to ourself.

We are all one divine, perfect, supreme being.
This is true.
We can be aware of our perfect self now.
We can now choose to be aware of how wonderfully perfect this universe is and how our divine self ensures this through the Laws of nature and karma.

Through perfect love and perfect trust we attain a deep peace and faith in ourself.
There is no need to feel unhappy or miserable now. With perfect love and perfect trust it is possible to achieve completion, true happiness and contentment.

Learn how to manifest your highest potential. Anything is possible with the right spells. Just harm none and do as you will. The highest power in the universe is available to us at anytime as long as we are ready to be IT…….our divine, perfect and infinite self.

Be aware…meditate. You are divine. Do not hesitate.
Make your intention. Create the vibration. Cast the right spell. All is well.

Then do not worry about the outcome. Trust. Have faith.
As long as it harms none your wish is granted by fate.

Everything is working out perfectly…just the way it should be.

Blessed be!
Rev. Swati Prakash

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Free Earth Healing Rituals are being organized for World Earth Day 2013 (on 22 April but observed from 10h April to 22 April) by the Priestesses at Earth Healing Temple of Global Wicca Tradition for any person, corporation or institution who wishes to organize the same. Earth Healing Temple priesthood will visit your area and perform a free Wiccan ritual there if there is a significant requirement. It is especially nice if you are organizing a tree plantation drive so that the blessings can be sent to earth through the tree saplings.


To request for an Earth Healing Ritual for trees or animals in your land, society, club or locality, do call Magick store, Bandra west 02265250328 so that a ritual to heal the trees and stray animals of your area can be organized. Temple is open from 1130am-830pm Mon-Sat. If you are based outside Mumbai or even out of India the healing energy can be sent from Earth Healing Temple over distance. Email temple@globalwicca.com to send your Earth Healing Request with details of the number of trees or stray animals in your area that require healing.


Wicca is a nature based spirituality that believes in healing and positive Magick that harms none.

Global Wicca Tradition is India’s first fully formed Wiccan Tradition open to public with the first Earth Healing temple at Magick, Bandra. Earth Healing Rituals are regularly conducted here by the trained priesthood of Global Wicca who raise funds for their activity through the sale of healing products and services for public at the Magick store, Bandra W, Mumbai.


Earth Healing is a process initiated by the Earth Healing Temple of Global Wicca Tradition with the aim of sending positive healing intentions to earth. The intentions are sent with the help of an elaborate Wiccan ritual with invocations to the Faeries or spirits of earth and with the help of stones, crystals, blessed waters, fairy dust, candles, oils and magickal herbs.


Hope you will all take advantage of this offer and organize an Earth Healing Ritual in your area soon. Do visit Magick and continue to make your purchases of wonderful Magickal to heal your life as well as to help your temple in strengthening its earth healing mission.


Blessed Be!


Rev. Swati Prakash

Head Priestess



Magick (sai pooja, 16th road, bandra west, mumbai 400050 tel – 09867859058 and 02265250328, 02226055605)  today:



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Is our body a prison for our soul who craves for freedom and liberation?

Is the mind a hindrance to spirituality of ‘no-mind’ consciousness?

Should we let go of our physical selves to attain spiritual growth?

Is our physical existence on the planet a burden for the earth to bear?

Is sexuality something we should reject to attain spiritual growth?

Is vegetarian diet more spiritually positive or ‘sattvik’ than a non veg diet?

Are we guilty of harming someone if we consume other organisms for physical sustenance?

Moral dilemmas of body versus spirit and the physical versus spiritual have been commonly experienced by many of us at some point of our life. Religions and spiritual traditions often preach specific ways of living all different from each other. While it is good to respect every religion and their unique belief systems, it is even better to look within and find what is right for us at any point of time on our spiritual journey.

Many of you might have learnt that physical body is like a cage and we are here to attain freedom or liberation from physical existence, reincarnation and karmic cycles of life and death. Life is all about suffering according to those who believe in somehow escaping this physical world for a better ‘spiritual’ reality. In truth we need to be happy to be alive, there are plenty of things to be grateful for and to enjoy in our physical existence and it is perfectly alright to take incarnation. We are all seeing, breathing, experiencing on behalf of the divine self. Every experience of life is dedicated to the divine self which is our real truth. The divine wishes to have a physical experience through us and therefore our physical life is as much divine as our spiritual existence and as much worthy of celebration provided we are aware that every physical person or thing is all an aspect of our divine self being manifest on earth.

We are spirits who have taken a physical form. Our spiritual body has condensed into a physical form through the power of our thoughts, emotions and actions all collectively being our karma. Through positive thoughts, emotions and behaviors we create a positive physical experience for ourselves. There is absolutely no need to fear physical experience or try to escape it. The purpose of spiritual growth is to manifest our divine perfection on this earth. It’s a magical truth – As Above So Below! It is tempting to escape physical life and dissolve into a spiritual vacuum of ‘liberation’, it is more meaningful however, to project from our divine spiritual state into the worldly plane to heal, improve and perfect our reality until we mirror our divine perfection into our outer world. No matter how perfect and wonderful our inner truth is, it stays neglected just keep it within ourselves and do not allow it to seep into the outer world and create beauty, love and happiness all around. So if you are closing your eyes to meditate please do open them and radiate the power and peace around yourself as well.  That indeed is the way of the wise witch/ wizard.

Meditation is all about going within our-self, from outer to inner reality, from mind to ‘no mind’ state. For a witch or wizard the mind is not something you wish to shut down and leave for a higher ‘no mind’ experience for good. The no mind state of meditation helps you be aware and detached so that you can experience your true self. You can then once again travel into the mental plane so as to create and manifest the universe with the power of your mind and thoughts. The spirit within will give energy to your thoughts, your will, your emotions and your behaviors so that you live a truly spiritual life while remaining in physical form.

In the first stage of your spiritual evolution you will go within, learn the inner truth, meditate and witness your inner divine self. This part of your spiritual journey entails that you detach from the outer physical experiences, mental thoughts, emotions, feelings or desires so that you can be truly still. Asceticism or monkhood with various austerities and self discipline is preferable for this part of your journey. Without this you will continue to be engaged with the outer world and will find no time to go within. You must in this first stage of your spiritual journey be prepared to be ‘the hermit’. You are learning about your own inner self that was neglected during all the centuries of materialism. You are getting enlightened. This is the Meditative part of your journey when you go from outside to inside.

The second stage of your spiritual journey begins after you attain this unity with your inner divine self. From here on you will think divine thoughts, feel divine emotions, your will be one with the divine  will, you are a living incarnate divine being teaching, sharing and enlightening others and at the same time healing, creating and manifesting divinity on earth. This is the Magickal part when you go from inside to outside.

As With-in so With-out… As Above so Below!

Your physical existence is no longer a burden for earth or your-self.

You can be not only aware but also alive fully as a divine being while remaining in physical form on earth, living, breathing and creating the divine will in every moment.

Every experience you have then has a divine meaning to it. You will find meaning in every small flutter of a wing, tweeting of a bird, rustle of a leaf – which is the essence of divination. Messages are found in everything around, not just in the stars, cards or teacups.

Your words are all powerful tools of manifestation, so are your thoughts, emotions and desires. You will choose them all wisely. You are no longer a passive experience gatherer but an active divine creator. You are a healer – your mind directly affects your physical body and all your situations. You can do magick and spells with every breath, every thought, every word and every object.

Your sexuality is nothing to fear. No longer does it take you away from your spiritual path, because you are now allowing your spirit to act and interact with the universe, not just going within but also experiencing the universe as a divine manifestation of the spirit within. As your sexuality is divine you are much more responsible with your sexual self and less interested in polygamous or meaningless relationships and prefer to have a healthy and committed monogamous romance with someone who is compatible energetically. Homosexual or heterosexual, transsexual or transgender, in any way you express your sexuality there is no sin as long as you Harm None including yourself. You may also choose to have one or two healthy off-springs so that you can provide them due attention and love, including adopted children who are treated at par with your biological children. You will love to include animals, plants and crystals in your family and treat them with as much love as your other family members.  

You may no longer feel guilty of consuming food as long as you are aware of the sacredness in every object you are consuming. You will see and sense the life force flowing through everything. You soon realize that everything you consume is meaningful and is affecting you and your life. Just like you add ingredients and herbs to your spell for specific effects, your foods also create a constant change, known or unknown to you. While some induce consciousness, some attract abundance and health, others induce lethargy, dullness and harmful addictions. To love yourself in totality and to create health and beauty is a noble and positive purpose fulfilled by what we eat among all other things we do.

There is absolutely no need to feel very guilty if you are non-vegetarian for there are plenty of animals who are purely non-vegetarian such as cats, big or small and it is absolutely a part of nature’s plan to have this type of a healthy balance between herbivores and carnivores. As regards ‘harm’, both plants and animals have feelings and sensations and if killing an animal is an act of harm so is killing or mutilating a plant. However the meaning of harm is better understood with the idea of ‘intention’. As long as your intention was not to cause harm to the plant or animal that you were consuming it is not really a harmful act as far as karma is concerned.

Eating is less about taste and more about whether the food is healthy or unhealthy. To be really healthy food must be cooked as little as possible or preferably eaten raw. Naturally ripe fruits are the best choice while non-vegetarian items being less healthy and difficult to consume as raw could come last on your list. After all most of us as modern humans no longer have those sharp canine teeth or wild hunting instincts as some other creatures of nature do.

Perhaps consuming of ripe fruits is the best of all food habits compared with having leaves, stems, roots or animal meats. Plants give us the fruits naturally as they fall when ripe and this includes many vegetables which are technically fruits. As we consume the ripened pulp we can scatter the seeds or plant them into earth thereby helping propagate the plant. In case your land is not as fertile or wintry and consuming of only fruits and fruity vegetables is not quite easy for everyone, other herbs, plants and animal meats would be the alternative as long as they are fresh and grown, treated and cooked in a healthy manner.

However if you regularly meditate you might find that sattvik foods appeal to you – and you will understand the meaning of sattvik as healthy foods which are natural, pure and fresh organic food items consumed with awareness of their meaning and impact. Adding of too much salts, sugars, flavors, spices is rather unnecessary in a sattvik diet as you will begin to enjoy the original and natural flavors. Spiritual beings are much more sensitive and feel taste much more strongly than those who are engrossed in material existence. The less you think and the more you spend time in inner silence, the more satisfied you will be with your natural and raw fruity diet. You will enjoy raw and fresh food which is coarse or whole and not finely chopped, ground, juiced or mashed. You may add mild salt or sugar and healthy herbs such as sage and rosemary in your food which could be lightly steamed or saute at the most so that the vitamins and minerals in them are not lost due to boiling or cooking. Plenty of plain water will replace your needs for alcohol, caffeine or carbonated beverages.

Life is your ritual. Food is your offering. Your body your temple….You are a Divine God(dess).

Live consciously.

Blessed Be


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