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Just a quick announcement that my new book – The Global Wicca Revolution is now out on paperback and kindle.

You can read the preview and buy here:


global wicca revolution cover front

I would love to have you read and review my work

Love and blessings

Swati Prakash

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The Resurrection

There was once a time when people worshipped nature and its various forces, deified in the form of gods and goddesses of every kind. We all belong to that era in our soul. Somewhere we may have forgotten our past, but we can never truly shake it off. Even if we did convert into any of the popular modern faiths through time, the call of the soul is one which remains strong across our past lives, redirecting us to the time when we had faith in everything and celebrated all.

Ancient faith through modern times slowly faded away at least in the western world, its monuments preserved as ruins of archaeological interest, where tourists can take photographs today. Look at the ancient temples and sites at Greece for example. It hurts to see that there is hardly any sacred ritual of worship conducted at those sites that once were awesome places of power and magick. And somewhere I feel great pride and satisfaction to be born in my present incarnation in India, the magickal land where history survives strong and ancient faith still shines brightly in every nook and corner in the form of millions of temples and deities that we can interact with and enjoy working with at any time. 

Today at Lughnasad, unplanned and totally unexpectedly I was somehow drawn to visit the location of the Temple of Mithras in London. This is an ancient place that calls us to witness the culture, the tradition and the divinity of the past, where over 2000 years ago we worshipped the god of Light alongside several other deities such as Mercury the messenger who travelled between the realms, Minerva the goddess of witchcraft and creation, and Serapis who is believed to be the god of the underworld. And now this place of power is being restored is what I hear and see through the scaffolds around it.

It is exciting indeed to see that we are discovering and learning about our roots, but more exciting is a possibility that perhaps some day we can bring back the divine traditions of worship, celebration and ritual at these temples restored back to their former glory. It is important that we celebrate and worship at sites of power and not just look at them as artefacts to be photographed with, for only then can we truly bring back our ancient power that flows through our lives, life after life.

At the same time it is necessary to build new temples that celebrate the timeless faith of nature and the universe and offer their energy to the public for the betterment of all humankind on earth. As such at Global Wicca I propose that we join hands and create new temples, starting with any place that you own that may be suitable to be converted into sites of power and magick. Do contact me if interested. 

Blessed Be


Swati Prakash

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Its Litha or Midsummer, my favorite time of the year, when the faeries dance with the Goddess and all of us to celebrate Love and Light. Today I take great pleasure in welcoming Rev. Angel Serrao (Pendragon) as the High Priest of the Earth Healing Temple at Mumbai. He is joined by Rev. Poojan Solanki, Rev. Pooja Jhawar and Rev. Pooja Sharma to form the capable and efficient team directly carrying out the Earth Healing services and rituals at Magick, Mumbai everyday.

Some more about the new Earth Healing Team:

Rev. Angel Serrao – High Priest – Global Wicca’s Earth Healing Temple at Magick


Rev. Angel Serrao (also called HP Rev. Angel Pendragon) has been installed in 2014 as the High Priest and Chief Counselor at Magick (Earth Healing Temple of Global Wicca in Mumbai). The art of making things happen just comes very naturally to the Wiccan degree holder from California. Since childhood he has had visions of divinity and has been drawn to the magical path.

With experience as a Christian priest as well as in conducting Hindu rituals, Angel perfectly represents the Global Wicca ideology of global spirituality and his expertise in Wicca helps him be an interfaith healer and counsellor too. According to Rev. Angel Serrao, “All faiths, religions and spiritual systems are based on and inspired by nature and at the Global Wicca’s Earth Healing Temple, we aim to help people practically understand and learn to be in a state of balance with nature through the inner self.”

Angel let go his corporate career of several years to find peace and joy in spiritual healing service. He is simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology along with his magickal career. Angel conducts group healings and rituals, as well as counsels clients individually through a variety of healing and divination tools with house visits available on request through Magick. He also teaches the courses of Global Wicca, can initiate learners and helps build awareness among several followers by being a mentor and a guide.

Angel Serrao can be contacted at Magick on 02265250328 and 9867859058 by prior appointment for courses, workshops, readings and healing sessions or spells.


Rev. Poojan Solanki, Full Time Priest – Global Wicca’s Earth Healing Temple at Magick


Poojan Solanki (also known as Rev. Aurora Rhiannon) is trained in Wiccan healing in the Global Wicca Tradition. He serves as Priest at the Earth Healing Temple at Magick, on 16th road, Bandra West, Mumbai. He has specialised in both Reiki as well as Pranic Healing and various associated skills, making him highly skilled as a healer.

Poojan loves astrology as well as tarot, combining both with other methods of divination such as runes and psychic readings. Using his intuition and healing focus he tries to counsel clients and suggests healing alternatives on the spot. He also provides hands on healing within the session as required. Poojan handles the energy of all magickal crystals, amulets and other items personally and empowers them during the session for the clients he meets.

He is a science graduate having specialised in Biotechnology, besides being an energy wizard at Magick.

Poojan Solanki can be contacted at Magick on 02265250328 and 9867859058 by prior appointment for courses, workshops, readings and healing sessions or spells.

Rev. Pooja Sharma – Priestess – Global Wicca’s Earth Healing Temple at Magick


Pooja Sharma (also known as Rev. Flurite Meadowseet) is passionate about Tarot, Angel and Fairy card reading to help heal the past and create a positive future. Pooja has been trained in Tarot and Wiccan healing by Tarot India Network and the Global Wicca Tradition. She serves as Priestess at the Earth Healing Temple at Magick, on 16th road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

Pooja educates her clients on how to make informed choices as the meaning of each card relates to the real life situations. A reading with Pooja Sharma is aimed at helping you take charge of their own life, believe in yourself and your innate power over your destiny which is nothing but your own creation. Pooja likes to conclude her Tarot Readings by drawing an oracle card or Fairy card for an uplifting, lighthearted message that ties the reading together and leaves anyone feel inspired.

In her words, “I have learnt and experienced that Tarot does not dictate the future, rather it reveals the direction in which we are currently heading. The future is always subject to change and is entirely reliant on the actions and decisions made by the person whom the reading is for.”

Pooja is also a management graduate and also uses her intuition as an HR professional apart from Magick.

Pooja Sharma can be contacted at Magick on 02265250328 and 9867859058 by prior appointment for courses, workshops, readings and healing sessions or spells.

Rev. Swati Prakash – Founder and Head of Global Wicca Tradition and Magick



Renowned spiritual healerSwati Prakash (also known as Rev. Astra Wishkap), now based in UK was self-initiated into the realms of divination, magick and transformation at the age of 10 in Delhi when she spontaneously started creating spells, rituals and horoscopes, a skill inherited from her past lives. Her interest in the occult grew with several psychic insights that took her deeper into realms of Wicca, Dream-working, Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing, Spellcrafting, Astrology and Tarot with help by various teachers.

She is well known for being a Wiccan leader heading the Global Wicca Tradition and its Earth Healing Temple as the Head Priestess. She has developed and authored the three year Global Wicca course and has initiated others in the field. Wicca is a new age religion focused on nature and how to manifest a positive reality. The Global Wicca Tradition is the first full-fledged Wiccan tradition to have a temple in India.

Swati gained degrees in Psychology and Masters in Management at Mumbai, while simultaneously gaining degrees of MD in Alternative Medicine, Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Therapist, Applied Vedic Astrology, Master of Reiki and Wicca degrees.

After spending over six years heading a Public Relations Agency while juggling her time as President of Tarot India Network, in 2008, Swati began Magick, the first Wiccan and magickal store in India, so that she could dedicate herself full time in the spiritual field. Magick aims at providing spiritual healing solutions to create a more positive life through the dynamic young team at Mumbai.

Swati was the presenter and spiritual healer on UTV Bindaas in The Chair –India’s 1st paranormal reality show. She has been presenting tarot on broadcast media such as MTV, Star Gold and has been featured in dozens of television stories including Mano Ya Na Mano and Sambhav Kya. She has written regular columns on Tarot, spiritual advise and Astrology for various periodicals such as Times of India, Mother and Baby, Express Starteller, Go Air’s in-flight magazine and has graced the cover page of Chitralekha magazine’ tarot feature as well.

She has presented over the last several years, various seminars and workshops for groups and institutes such as IIT Mumbai, SIES college, Rotary International, using guided meditation and visualization to create a shift in consciousness.

She is distinguished to be the first tarot expert in India to create an Asian Tarot deck of 22 Major Arcana cards based on Literature for the Museum of Tarots in Italy, in a collaboration of 22 Tarot artists from India. This deck has now been published by the Museum of Tarots in Italy, and has also featured in the book ‘In the Court of Trumps’ Volume I – published by The Ministry for Culture and Arts – Rome, a landmark achievement in the global tarot scenario. Swati has also headed the India division of Witchschool International, the world’s leading online Wiccan school, for several years.

According to Swati, “A spiritual search is not aimed at distancing ourselves from the outside world. It helps us recognize our life as a gift, to live in complete awareness and to create a more positive and happier reality. We must realize that destiny is not created by forces outside us. We are constantly influencing our life and there lives a beautiful ‘witch’ or magickal person within each one of us.”



ndia’s first Magickal, Wiccan healing and Spiritual solutions store offering crystals, amulets, talismans, charms, spells, gemstones, books, CDs, DVDs, candles, aromas, oils, incenses, tarot and divination products, runes, wands, Wicca tools, herbs, Feng Shui and healing products

Several courses in Energy Healing, Divination and Psychic Skills, Tarot, Wicca and more




Personal and online readings and consultationhttp://www.tarotindia.com

Personal as well as distance healing, ritual and spells requests are taken.

Ritual sessions for healing, banishing negativity, creating positive outcomes for prosperity, relationships, peace, growth and other positive changes 

Tarot forecasts, Astrological chart reading and remedies, Angelic and oracle reading, Psychic readings and Consultations

Positive transformation through tarot using meditation, spells and cards

Past life healing and future life progression to release past life related problems and create better future.


Wicca is a religious system focusing on inner work and magick in harmony with nature and with harm to none. Wiccan rituals and spells are performed to release negativity and manifest abundance and positive results as per oracular guidance



The location is checked energetically and remedies are suggested through Feng Shui and Wicca. Wiccan healing ritual is performed at the location.

Psychic reading and foreseeing future tendencies

Tasseomancy or tea leaf reading to discover patterns of future

Casting runes for spiritual guidance and magickal runic remedies



Healing of energy vibrations and energy field (aura) using a fusion of Pranic and Reiki methods.



Through visualization and meditative work healing is provided.

Forecasts for media, articles and content for press and broadcast on Spiritual healing, Divination, Wicca and manifestation.

Read Media Reviews and Articles:









TWITTER HANDLE: @witchyswati






CONTACT: MAGICK Mumbai (+91) 9867859058, (+91 22) 65250328

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A lot of spellbooks in the market…full of magical recipes and enchantments…
Do they all work?
Can you really turn your ex-boyfriend into a toad as indicated by the cover of that one?
Can you summon any man or woman of your choice to do as you say?

Silly, silly spellbooks for wannabe witches seldom help.

Look, if you want to cast real spells, you should be a real witch.
I don’t mean a witch like one out of a cartoon with flying broomsticks and a black cat on board.
I don’t mean a witch who makes objects float or fly with her eyes or freezes the people around with one gesture, or vanquishes demons all the time…but cannot really sort out their own life out of fear of personal gain.
I don’t mean a witch who twiddles her nose and makes objects dissapear or appear out of thin air.
Honestly since when did witches start being portrayed as some kind of  fictitious mythical female superheroes with superpowers galore?

I mean a REAL witch, not one out of movies or telly.
One who has meditated and discovered inner peace.
One who can sense, feel and know things through intuition.
One who makes intentions and casts spells successfully for positive changes in life.
A real wise witty wizardy witch.

Now if you are a real witch and know how to write…yes write, not read from others’ Books of Shadows…..real spells, then your spells might have a chance of working.

Swati Prakash
@witchyswati on twitter

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Who created the world?

Last week a group of ladies on the streets handed me some free publications and i was completely sure they were promoting the Bible.
I am amazed and impressed at how the texts were so much about nature and science, as if explaining to the modern reader how the Bible is not against science at all.

The books marvelled at nature, diversity, evolution, earth and how it functions so beautifully. According to them such marvels cannot come to be in nature all by chance. There has to be God behind it all.

So today on Christmas eve I ask you who is this God?

Are you satisfied in your curiosity about how nature is so wonderfully designed by the theory that ‘God made everything’?

Did you have any curiosity in the first place?

Is Christmas or Diwali or Eid or any other festival just an occassion to make merry, or do you ever think about God and the universe on these days?

Are you just wishing each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year just because everyone around is doing the same?

Are you even Happy in the true sense?
Or are you just like one of those who are ever engrossed in the process of existence, so thickly, so tightly engrossed in your material existence, ever to think..who created the world?

Is ‘who created the world’ a question you asked as a child and then you were told..God created the world..and you said ‘GOD who?’…and noone really had any idea..so they handed you these religious books like the Bible and Gitas of the world for answers you were never going to get from them (if you ever succeeded in interpreting them in the first place)?

By the time you grew up you were just too busy earning a living or bringing up babies to actually be like that child again who wanted the truth.
And then one day your child asked you, or will ask you this question..,Who is the creator?
And you wouldn’t know what to say and will hand the child the same old books and they will grow up just as confused, just as unaware, just as busy solving the problem of staying alive..to ever ask this question again.

Today as you join the festivities around I want you to ask this question to yourself..once again. And I hope it will be a spiritual rebirth for your inner child. A chance to know the truth and to know thyself. That will be a real cause of celebration.

Then maybe you will fall in love with life again.
Maybe the sorrows of the world will end.
There will be green forests, happy animals, clean air and water on earth.
We will no longer look for someone superior than nature to take the credit of creation away.
Nature creates, it has consciousness, we visualise nature as the goddess who connects to us all. Not a virgin, but a full and complete goddess..fertile and beautiful in every way, powerful beyond compare.

Science tries to understand nature. Religions have tried to close down the scientific mind inside our inner child. Now religions are threatened by science…trying to prove they were not wrong. After all these centuries of creating darkness on earth.

Lets no longer fool ourselves anymore. There is only truth to be found inside us. Let there be light..

The new sun is born again this solstice of winter, it used to be called Yule, it represented the birth of God the Consciousness from the womb of mother nature as sun regained power after the darkest night of the solar year.

Blessed Yule friends..to those of us who still celebrate nature.

And may nature inspire us all to stay in wonder, to stay in love, to marvel at the mother nature who is created by the Self, of whom God the Consciousness is a part.
Lets awaken this God within, who loves nature and protects her everyday. And lets not think of this God as someone outside nature.

Blessed be!

Rev. Swati Prakash

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I will keep this post really simple.

The world is composed entirely of energy vibrations.

As and when you wish to improve something…health, wealth, family, earth..anything you relate to…you can send an energy vibration to that situation and begin the healing.

Your healing energy vibration can be one or more of the following:
1. A clear positive thought and imagination, eg when you feel ill, say “i am healthy” and imagine you are up and running
2. A good feeling generated deep inside…happiness, peace, love..just feel it and heal it
3. A desire or intention…feel excited about the change you are creating and love it with heart and soul
4. An object you can carry, keep, arrange around you that signifies the change you want..eg a stone, crystal, jewellery, image, burning a candle or incense that signifies the healing will be of immense help

The more you meditate, the more easily you will be able to effect the healing in any situation. This is because meditation stills your mind and reduces conflicting vibrations by replacing them with peace. It helps you connect with your inner self which is the creater, experiencer and observer of your life thereby putting you in a position of power.

Common folk never knew about meditation and energy vibration until now. Its only witches and wizards of ancient times that had this knowlede and power. Now you have a chance to enhance your knowledge and power…and thereby life itself.

Visit Magick or http://www.tarotindia.com and learn more.
Share this post with others and empower them now.

Blessed be!

Rev. Swati Prakash

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The truth is that we all are composed of nothing but energy vibrations. Our energy waves flow through our channels, circuits and concentrate in our chakras or energy centres, both major and minor. How we look, feel, behave, what we achieve, our health, wealth and relationships, basically all things in our life depend on our energy vibrations.

Do our energy waves change with time?
Most definitely yes. Some of us change faster than others. Witches and wizards can shift their aura at will such as while shapeshifting.
Others who perform very less spiritual healing will have more static auras. Similarly witches and wizards can shift their life situations more easily than those who perform less inner work.

What do auras look like?
Auras being energy waves need not be visible to the naked eye. Some people sense auras as light and colour visible with practice around people, animals, plants and objects. An aura scanning device can help in this by collecting biofeedback through touch. Some of us can sense aura energy through our palms or pendulum dowsers. Our tarot and oracles can be quite revealing too. How you feel around someone when you are in a neutral state can help you understand their auras. Psychic energy is required for aura reading, so do get trained even if you are a ‘natural’.

Here are some pointers:

If you are depressed or unhappy your aura might shrink and become very dull and people may not feel your presence or withdraw from you if you start vaccuming them. Basically take care of the energy you are radiating as it can affect others and heal yourself professionally.

If you are angry, frustrated and destructive your aura could be dark or muddy and this blocks your spiritual progress.

If you are attacked by someone your aura might have tears and holes from which energy might leak. Traumas may damage auras too.

A healthy aura seems bright, radiant and has a positive effect on the surroundings.

If you are more or less materialistic, practical, focused on day to day life and survival your aura will be mostly red. You are less likely to be concerned about others or creative activities. You are then fully grounded in base reality, highly involved with the physical world.

Orange personalities have more focus on enjoyment of existence. They take pleasure in food, sex and adventure, beauty and entertainment. They can be artistic and at times self loving, seeking personal joy above all else.

Those with yellow auras are bright, intelligent and happy. They enjoy power and status. They are likely to be entrepreneurial. Full of confidence and charisma they can lead and win. Their world does seem to revolve around themselves. Recognition and fame is important to them.

Green auras indicate affectionate and charitable individuals who consider relationships paramount and often live for others. Love is as important as oxygen to them. They are people friendly and inclusive in approach.

If you love talking and expressing yourself then blue is your colour. blue personalities enjoy telling the world what they know. They are clever and good with words. Writers, bloggers, speakers are often made of this.

Indigo people are those who have mind power and psychic skills. Seeing the unseen and knowing the unknown is their forte. The mystical path appeals to them. They are sensitive, intuitive and otherworldly at times. Their third eye is open and this helps them understand facts directly without doubts.

Violet is the colour of spiritual healers and wise witches. They focus on the meaning and purpose of life and everything. They have faith in the higher self and they experience the higher divine self through meditation. They know that the visible physical world is created out of vibration and can be affected through this higher consciousness. They are likely to serve as guides and teachers who help others live more meaningfully.

Have these questions ever crossed your mind: “Who am I? Why am I alive? What is the truth about this universe?”  I really hope so because this means your aura was ready to shift and you are ready for spiritual awakening.

To be spiritual is to let go of fears that pull you down. Raise your energy higher by healing your aura. You will feel a difference immediately. After a few sessions you will start to enjoy greater peace, bliss and awareness and this will be good for you in every way.

You are urged to come and get your aura scanned. A 3d simulation is available along with live video so you can see your chakras and the various sections of your aura 360 degrees.

Call Magick 02265250328 or 9867859058 for reading and healing of your aura. Email store@supermagick.com or visit http://www.tarotindia.com

Blessed be

Rev. Swati Prakash

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