12. Sleep well. Care not for any obligations. Sleep is priority and I like to sleep early at night and until i wake up myself. No alarms required. I know some of you are nightbirds, but taking your full eight hours of beauty sleep is so essential. Catching up later in the day is impractical and just not as relaxing. I have found its best to complete my sleep at night. Early to bed and early to rise is definitely recommended by me.

13. Play. Even before I became a mum I loved playing. Especially with kids in the park outdoors and board games indoors. Stop playing and you lose a vital part of you.

14. Dance. This is my favourite exercise and hobby. You should be able to dance anywhere, without alchohol and without embarrassment. Dancing rejuvinates all our chakras and shakes off all the negativity out of the aura. A lot of Wiccan and ancient pagan rituals involve rhythmic body movement and dancing as these are great for healing.

15. Generosity without expectation. This truly helps in releasing two major blockages towards healing, namely guilt and fear. Give to others and yourself good energy, blessings, prosperity, help…. freely and often. Do not haggle or drain others. Give happily. Accept happily without guilt when you receive likewise.

16. No Watch. I stopped wearing a watch when I was a teen. Life is better ever since. Your body has its own inner clock…let that guide you. A lot of tension gets relieved as a result when your intuition takes over and you go with the flow instead of racing about daily.

17. Clear up the clutter. Keeping your cupboard, attic, basement, all rooms, office drawers, desk clean, well sorted and organised is the key to solving many many problems in life including health. Good energy flows better without clogging. Healing flows in.

18. Don’t stock up medicines. I do not say never use medicines. Unless absolutely necessary and prescribed at that point of time, don’t collect medicines because you want to be prepared. Do not create that kind of potential energy. Everything you collect wants to be used someday. I have kept medicines at bay for many many years now and trust me, have not invited much of illness either. Work on your chakras, learn healing, there is plenty of prevention and less need for cure when you take healing right from childhood. Do not wait for a medical emergency to start with healing please.

19. No harmful substances. I assure you spiritual power does not require any harmful drug, smoking, alcohol intake or any harmful practice of any kind. These are tamasic or negative substances and their effects can never be good in any way. Even Shiva brought up the poison, he never absorbed it. So don’t think religious or ritualistic intake in the name of any god is a great liberator. Do not let even tea or coffee control you. Be your own master.

20. No hurry. Walk slowly, admire the flowers, smile at people, breathe…consciously…we are immortal. Its a myth that we live just once…you can live this life as many times as needed… It can be better each time. Enjoy growing older, its a journey of your soul. The body will adapt and age beautifully. I have had gray hair since childhood and no fear of graying. I have no problem gaining age either. Its another word for experience. Why do we want to hold on to youth. As long as you remain healthy and wise let age advance. Do not fear ageing, death, or life itself. A lot of people feel they must end the cycle of rebirth and hurry up with their spirituality so that this birth is assured to be their final birth. This reveals a fear and a major blockage. Let it go. Life and afterlife and life after life are all beautiful. We are energy, one and many at the same time. Energy changes form and is never really destroyed. With awareness we consciously transform in a positive direction. We have always existed and will always exist though not in the same form or multiplicity. Infinite life is ours.

Blessed be

Swati Prakash

1. Eat light. Its amazing how little we really require to live. Most of the time we eat for emotional comfort, taste, social obligation, entertainment…all the wrong reasons. When we are in a meditative state we literally eat light, or spiritual energy. Most of my students who have come over to attend my full day workshops always felt too full to eat lunch and that’s because of the amazing energy they were channeling. I won’t suggest trying not to eat. Rather I suggest eat when you really need to and this need reduces automatically when you channel higher energy.

2. Eat right. This is what I have finally concluded. Vegetarian food is the best, especially because you don’t have to kill the plant. Eat more fruits including vegetables that are actually fruits such as cucumber, courgettes, bell peppers, brinjals, gourds, there are so many varieties of tasty foods that are meant to be eaten. Plants want to offer us their ripe fruits so we can help in propagating the seeds and plenty of nutrition in these juicy fruits makes them my favourite.

3. Cook less. Healthy, ripe organic fruits and veggies often require little or no cooking. Personally I have never been a fan of cooking because it destroys so much of the nutritients in our food and adds so much unrequired oil, sugar, salt and spice thereby completely spoiling the fruity food which nature has already ripened and served to us all ready to eat with all required things included within.

4. Exercise lightly. High adrenalin pumping, muscle building types who live on protein shakes and meats often look like meat themselves. Its stupid to eat wrong and then spend extra cash and time to lose weight by joining the gym. Walking, completing household chores yourself with less use of automated equipment,  yoga, stretches, simple exercises you can easily perform at home or in the park are sufficient to keep fit and look nice (provided you eat light and right), and they do not cost much time or money.

5. Talk less and softly. Talking exerts us and creates uneccesary stress. Use of intuition is so important in understanding things without much need of words.

6. Think less. Thinking is unrequired when you are channeling pure energy or spiritual wisdom. There is no need to process and twist this higher wisdom mentally. Everything you say or do can simply channel this higher energy without diluting, tweaking, confusing the same. Let your mind be one with the universe, large and open with endless awareness all the time. Smaller minds need to worry and think. The universal mind is forever in peace, relaxed and clear as crystal with doubtless awareness. Meditation is all about achieving that thought free state of pure being.

7. Choose intuitively. Your inner self knows what’s right. It tells you when you need anything, what you need, what you do not need. Choose health always. This means reading only useful information, wearing comfort, spending time wisely, living in the right location, clean surroundings, positive people, right kind of shopping, a career you love and excel in….these things can simply not be found in books…only intuition can guide us perfectly. Sometimes people think they are intuitive when they are actually blocked. Only correct meditation can unblock and allow wisdom to flow, minus all the rubbish.

8. Healthy relationship. I am a big fan of monogamy, loyal mutual love, healthy sexual partnership and marriage. Its all about wholesome and clean auras interacting together, contributing to each others health and happiness, living a better life together. There should be no bondage out of emotional, financial, sexual or any other dependency or insecurity. A real relationship strengthens rather than weakens your individuality. Walk away from negative energy. Accept real love.

9. Find and live your purpose. A lot of depression, misery, disease and helplessness is when you do not know yourself, your spiritual truth, your reason for incarnating on this planet. Know that the universal energy that some call God or Goddess can be manifesting through you. The more you allow this energy to flow through you, the better and more purposeful life gets. Only when blocked to this energy you lose life and fall prey to diseases of mind, body, soul. Again meditation is the answer.

10. Meditation in every moment. Its not something you do for a few minutes. No need to have rigid schedules or complex techniques. You are doing it right when you feel the positive universal energy flowing through you in every moment free of any spiritual, mental, emotional, or any other blockages. Only goodness flows through you always. Health is effortlessly achieved.

11. Spells for every improvement. Some people who think of God or Goddess as an external entity pray. Those who channel infinite energy simply manifest. Its about being your true self. A lot of unhappiness was upon earth when people misunderstood God or Goddess as an external being and stopped learning the right ways to meditate, use intuition, create positive transformation in life. This lack of magick made people feel like victims, helpless, hapless, worried, dependent on external guidance, medicines, convuluted religious dictats and negative sorcery. Thanks to meditation more people are now finding the inner source of health and happiness everyday and aligning with their infinite magical nature.

Swati Prakash

They are everywhere

You are watching a spellbinding moment on Charmed and the bell rings…

Enjoying a quiet stroll by the riverside and there you hear them shout…

Rushing to a client meeting and they will still run into you before you run for the train…

Go to the supermarket to buy a toilet roll and there they are…lurking…waiting…pouncing on anyone who seems like a nice person

And before you know it a magazine will be shoved through your door or a hand will firmly place a finger on that book which has the words of their God and they will read out a line or two in an attempt to demonstrate how nice the book is…hoping you will be lured into reading it. They will make every attempt to preach through their book. Yes they are passionate promoters of their faith.

If Wiccans would take even one millionth of this kind of effort to publicise their faith, I guarantee you that even the pigs and chickens in the galaxy will become Wiccans in no time. (but thank Goddess we are not chasing followers)

So here is today’s ‘conversion’, enjoy!

A young woman on the street, “Hi, you look like you speak another language than English, are you Portuguese?”

I (aware of my Asian skin tone), “No, don’t worry, I speak English”

She begins to pulls a thin magazine from her bag

I, “I know you are from a church, don’t worry that magazine is already delivered to my house”

She, “So do you enjoy reading it?”

I, “I have read it once”

She keeps the magazine back and pulls The Book out of her bag and points at a para, “Do you know the prophecy, just like the Lord’s prayer….kingdom come….on earth as in heaven….see here in this book. The day is coming when God will establish his government on earth and it will be better for everyone. Do you believe in this?”

I, “Its great that the world is getting better”. I look at my baby sleeping in the pram and at the road ahead hoping she gets the hint.

She comes in front again, “See just like you love your baby our father loves us too, he is God, do you believe in him?”

I “Sure you can call God mother, or anything else too”

She, “Yes but Jesus said father, our father in heaven will come and change our earth. Do you believe it?”

I, “See no one is coming from outside to heal us, we must learn healing ourselves. God is within, its our inner self”

She, “But God is a personality who is outside and there is also a Devil who is the opposite of him”

I, “All the positive energy is God and its in us too, like a wave flowing through all of us. We need to meditate to be aware of the energy”

She seems interested, so I go on, “Devil is ignorance, because when we are ignorant of this energy that unites us, then we harm others because we falsely believe ourselves to be different. But all karma comes back to us eventually because we are interconnected as one. When we are aware of karma we do good”

She, “That’s really good. Its written here in the book that God created the earth, he made Adam and Eve, in Genesis, see here…in his image…so yes it may be that we all have the qualities of God, See its written here God has these qualities, Love, Wisdom, Power…its written here…Jesus said, God is love. But I always thought God is a distinct personality, a being, who has created us like its written here in Genesis. So who has created us if there is nothing outside?”

I, “God is an unlimited energy. Like you said, its love…its a creative energy that forms everything. Its not a person somewhere outside…its not a limited personality with a limited form. We all have it inside and we can all channel this positive energy, even you can do it.”

She, “But we are told that this book has the words of God so everything is there in it, we have to follow it. We have to read it everyday. I can send you one.”

I, “I have one thank you, I have read it…it was a different version, but see I have a nice way of reading this one…let’s see I will try to get a message for you from this book.”

I perform a Bibliomancy reading for her, reading a random para after meditating and focusing on what she needs to know to give a message to her.

Gosh, its a para about how Jehovah was angry and burnt a city and all the people. (Those kinds are what they avoid reading when they are soft selling)

I, “Look the book says God is love so how is it that this book indicates that he had this anger issue as well, what’s all this burning cities and people”

She trembles a bit, “Yes, I suppose he was angry because people were not being nice to each other… but yes I see what you are saying…its hard to believe that God can have anger also, if it is made of love”

I, “Look here there is something about magic and divination written here”

She, “Yes its written in Deuteronomy 18:10 that there should not be anyone who practices divination, or magic, or talk to spirits”

I, “But divination is all about listening to intuition, its the only way of knowing the truth for yourself …we have to feel God within, meditate and listen to the inner voice. And magic is all about using the inner energy of God for healing so that we can be self reliant, its God’s energy, even spirits need healing”

She, “But see we are told that God wants us to be loyal to him, just like you will want your husband to be loyal to you and not go outside, similarly we should not go to other gods, there are many other gods, there are gods of Egypt and animal gods and god in idols… and we should not believe in other gods”

I, “Idols are not gods, they are symbols of various godly powers, like Durga symbolises protection from evil forces. Nothing wrong with idols. And all gods and goddesses are one but they all symbolise various positive powers, so what do you mean by ‘other gods’…all is one, we are all one. God will never say those things”

She, “Yes we are all one, what you say is true. But then why will the Book say that our God is different from other gods, and we should not believe in any other gods… and why will it say we should not use divination or magic?”

I, “Why don’t you ask the people who wrote these books why they are writing such things? Someone has written this book and then they have made so many versions of it right?”

She (thinks for the first time instead of reading), “Right, thank you. So what do you think we should do to make the world better.”

I, “We should all learn meditation, healing and magic. You should learn magic. That the message from the Bible through divination. Blessed Be!”


Isis Peace Spell

Spells are not only for healing of self but also for healing our shared reality. In this world we are all interconnected at the deepest level. Through each other we are healing the self. We all are capable of sending positive energy to the globe for the purpose of Earth Healing.

It is also very necessary that we do NOT repeat negative words, images or concepts in our minds for this healing to be effective. Whatever we think of, say and imagine, we will strengthen. Refuse to accept negative news as the present reality – always remember news is all about the past – of what all happened until now. Now is a magickal time when anything can change instantly. Put all negative events in the past and imagine that they have all transformed into something amazingly positive. Focus only and only on the improved reality which is being created right now – a reality of a peaceful and happy earth. There is only one reason negative situations occurred in the past – due to our ignorance of how and why we must manifest good. The only reason we are all here on earth is to make it a better place.


Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of healing, love, renewal, reincarnation and intuition.
Visualise her in the full moon flooding the earth with her peaceful silvery light. Light a silver or white candle if it helps you visualise the same. Feel the healing absorbed into all people of earth and a sense of calm and interconnection in all hearts. Send this light specially to all war affected or terror stricken areas and ask the goddess Isis to bring peace.

Feel the halo engulf whole of earth and shining brightly to spread all over the cosmos. Then feel the light absorb into the globe as you speak the words:

“Goddess Isis of love, peace and healing,
with your light this earth I am sealing,
bless and keep us safe and calm,
take away all hate or harm,
across the earth, fire, wind and sea,
by the power of goddess Isis blessed be”

Whenever you hear or see any news that seems disturbing do feel these words within at any time in the future as well. Together we can make a difference.
Do invite all you know to join in this prayer/ spell.

Blessed Be

Swati Prakash


You Are NOT a Zodiac

Perhaps you were born at hhmmss time on ddmmyyyy date at xyz location. Does this mean you are an Arian, Cancerian, Capricornian…etc etc for life?
Just how important is your sunsign or moon rashi?
How about your ascendent or rising sign?
And yes, your jupiter, venus, saturn, mars, pluto, rahu, ketu, neptune, uranus, mercury….what about those zodiacs. Are the signs these other planets occupy somewhat less important in determining your personality than your sun, moon and ascendent? Probably not. People are complex after all, are they not?

So what is your zodiac? Is your personality a Taurus because its your western sunsign, or a Scorpio because its your vedic moon rashi….or should you refer to the horoscope of Gemini as its your vedic ascendent….are you all of these….or are you somewhat an Aquarius too because most of the other planets seem to be in Aquarius in your vedic chart….or should you consider your western chart too just to be on the safer side….and discover you are also a Cancer rising to an extent…..oh dear…what is actually your zodiac?

The answer is none. Yes, none of these zodiacs are you. No one zodiac can ever truly be you.

Try this, try believing you are a zodiac other than your birth sign of sun, moon, ascendent, etc….try. Really…really…really… believe it. Then read the horoscope of that zodiac regularly. Chances are….as time goes by you will program yourself to become that zodiac..and perhaps….someday……you will agree with those predictions too. Trust me.

You are what you think you are.
You are what you believe.
You become what you want.
You are unlimited.
You are every zodiac, and at the same time…
You are NOT a zodiac
At least not NOW in the PRESENT moment

Your birthchart or horoscope shows the karma you inherited from your past lives till your birth. The most important thing I teach my astrology students is simply this:
Your horoscope or birthchart has just one use…to show you your limitations …those you imposed on yourself so far through all your lifetimes… and the ways (spells and inner work or unprogramming) needed to get rid of all limitations.

Yes you were born with sun in a zodiac, moon in b, ascendent c, jupiter in d…and so on and so forth. You were born at hhmmss time and ddmmyyyy date at xyz location.
And then something wonderful happened somewhere down the line after you were born.
You grew up (i certainly hope you did)
You acquired free will (at least some of you)
You learnt how to use your mind (more or less)
And whether or not you noticed it, your mind created your life all this while. And your mind, whether or not it be limited by your past, your horoscope, your birth sign, your preconcieved notions about who you are…will create whatever you believe to be you and your life.
If you believe you are poor, you will continue to be. If you believe you are clever you will be. If you believe you are emotional you will be. Your personality and life experiences are all about those deeply ingrained beliefs you hold on to so preciously.

No matter how deep the conditioning, no matter how strong the cords of karma, you can stop being a puppet of your past. Your beliefs limited you so far. All of them. Whether good or bad, no matter how attached you are to them, they are your beliefs and not the real you. Just merely, although importantly, they are beliefs.

And if you ever wanted to toss them all out of the window…and it maybe a good idea to try doing that for once (by learning the right way of tossing them out)…..you just might be able to experience who you truly are meant to be :

Learn how to really read your horoscope, if only to figure out how to attain freedom from the same.
Be not a slave to fate.
Be a witch.
Because you really are not a zodiac.

Blessed be
Swati Prakash

What Is Magick

What is Magick
In Summer, Winter,
Autumn, Spring
What is Magick
If not We
Stars and Creatures,
Stones and Trees
What is Magick
Art and Science
Words and Numbers
Waves and Lines
What is Magick
Day and Dream
Both the Seen
And the Unseen
What is Magick
From the Problem
To Solution
What is Magick
Within Lies
Truth thats Seen
Without your Eyes
What is Magick
Inner Power
Mind to Matter
Seed to Flower
What is Magick
Karma Quest
The Way to Be
Your Very Best
What is Magick
Wisdom Great
To Create
Or Un-create
What is Magick
Grow and Prosper
Heal and Bless
What is Magick
Song and Dance
To Celebrate
Life with Romance
What is Magick
Letting Go
For Energy
To Freely Flow
From Form to Form
And Time to Time
Divine Direction
To Your Mind
If Thoughts
Create Reality
And You Create
Your Thoughts to Be
Then Who Are You
Know Thyself
For What is Magick
But Yourself
If You are Spirit
Then Magick is
Eternal Light

– Swati Prakash


The Resurrection

There was once a time when people worshipped nature and its various forces, deified in the form of gods and goddesses of every kind. We all belong to that era in our soul. Somewhere we may have forgotten our past, but we can never truly shake it off. Even if we did convert into any of the popular modern faiths through time, the call of the soul is one which remains strong across our past lives, redirecting us to the time when we had faith in everything and celebrated all.

Ancient faith through modern times slowly faded away at least in the western world, its monuments preserved as ruins of archaeological interest, where tourists can take photographs today. Look at the ancient temples and sites at Greece for example. It hurts to see that there is hardly any sacred ritual of worship conducted at those sites that once were awesome places of power and magick. And somewhere I feel great pride and satisfaction to be born in my present incarnation in India, the magickal land where history survives strong and ancient faith still shines brightly in every nook and corner in the form of millions of temples and deities that we can interact with and enjoy working with at any time. 

Today at Lughnasad, unplanned and totally unexpectedly I was somehow drawn to visit the location of the Temple of Mithras in London. This is an ancient place that calls us to witness the culture, the tradition and the divinity of the past, where over 2000 years ago we worshipped the god of Light alongside several other deities such as Mercury the messenger who travelled between the realms, Minerva the goddess of witchcraft and creation, and Serapis who is believed to be the god of the underworld. And now this place of power is being restored is what I hear and see through the scaffolds around it.

It is exciting indeed to see that we are discovering and learning about our roots, but more exciting is a possibility that perhaps some day we can bring back the divine traditions of worship, celebration and ritual at these temples restored back to their former glory. It is important that we celebrate and worship at sites of power and not just look at them as artefacts to be photographed with, for only then can we truly bring back our ancient power that flows through our lives, life after life.

At the same time it is necessary to build new temples that celebrate the timeless faith of nature and the universe and offer their energy to the public for the betterment of all humankind on earth. As such at Global Wicca I propose that we join hands and create new temples, starting with any place that you own that may be suitable to be converted into sites of power and magick. Do contact me if interested. 

Blessed Be


Swati Prakash


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