People commonly wanted magick to be an instant quick fix cure all thing. They thought spells are a way of paying someone to place an order that you get delivered right at your doorstep.

Thankfully they start questioning themselves when they do not get what they wanted inspite of donating to the temples and churches, inspite of giving millions to healers, tantrics or priests….inspite of wearing costly gems and talismans and burning hundreds of candles and pounds.

So why did they still not get what they wanted so far…
What was the missing ingredient?

Could it be faith?
Faith is not a superstitious belief.
Real faith comes from spiritual awareness.

Can god or goddess be paid to give you what you want?
No, they do not ask for money..because they are nothing but your higher self, the powerful part of you.

You pay for the ingredients for your worship, for the space and time of the religious healing ceremonies or priests..for they simply cannot exist on earth for free..or someone has to pay for them, even if by way of charity.

You need not hire a priest or priestess or perform any complex rituals either…if you have patience and awareness.
You wanted help, quicker results, better guidance…so you hired a priest or priestess or performed rituals or got some healing. But just because you paid for the services or products it does not guarantee that your wish will be fulfilled…noone can guarantee that. Only your higher self decides which of your wishes are worth fulfilling and how.

So lets understand the scientific reason why you did not get what you wanted…

1. Your wish was not positive…
Think of those love struck teenagers wishing for the wrong person..
If you are lucky and performed the right spell…you will NOT get what you want as the higher self being activated with the right healing..will block the wrong relationship. Aren’t you glad that didn’t work in the way you wanted. The right spells will get you what you want only if it harms none and is for the best of all.

2. You performed the wrong ritual or healing…inappropriate technique.
Just why I keep warning you to check the qualification or wisdom level of your healers. Still there are people getting duped by uneducated tantric pretenders who ask you to sell you all your assets if not your soul..and some negative sorcerers who ask you to sell your souls. Just go to right healers who are scientfically spiritual.

3. You were not ready yet to receive
This is a very common reason why spells didn’t seem to work for some of you. They have done the right healing spells with the right masters and systems. Yet unable to reap the fruits of their labour.
One thing is for sure..if the right energy was invested the returns will be there as the law of karma is always certain. You get back in proportion to what you give. But only when you are ready for it.
Imagine……you ordered a beautiful parcel with nice gifts, its ready and shipped to you. You don’t receive it. Either you do not open the door, or you do and find garbage lying outside. This was your garbage.. and it came from all the way inside you and everywhere. Its not that god or goddess didn’t hear your plea. They did. They sent you that blessing. But it simply couldn’t find its way in.

First of all clean the garbage that has been lying there for ages..blocking you, making you less receptive. Your anger, frustration, depression, hate, victimisation, fear, revenge, ignorance, greed, attachments, impatience, cowardice, thanklessness, guile, superstition, falsehood, jealousy, skepticism, shame, guilt, worry………numerous pieces of trash cluttered your door. Let go of them and let there be space for better things to enter. Else you will not even find the delivery note left by your angels asking you when they should visit next. Be ready.
Do the inner work before expecting outer results.
And yes you will be successful in your manifestations.

Blessed be
Rev. Swati Prakash

Every Word is a Spell

Every thing you think or dream
Can affect your life unseen
Every person that you meet
Every stranger that you greet
Every one who you connect
You can bless, help and protect
Every breath you take and leave
Sends vibrations far and deep
Every feeling that you feel
Can cause the universe to heal
Every step you take ahead
Paves a way for others to be led
So walk in magic, be the path
Give yourself both head and heart
If you want the world to perfect be
Believe and make reality
Say and hear the words divine
From your soul and from your mind
Only goodness give and tell
Every word you speak is a spell

Swati Prakash

The Signs of Success

What is Success?

Wealth cannot be the full measure of success, for I have seen people wealthy but unhappy
Fame cannot be the denominator of success, for I have seen famous people suffer
Family cannot be the sign of success, for I have heard mothers complain of boredom
Friends cannot indicate success, for I have seen popular people empty inside once the party is over
Beauty could not mean success, for I have seen glamorous ones shed tears

Success in what?
Your goals once attained indicate your success…yes…but which goals indicate life success?

You will see that the people you call successful may not be bursting with joy just because they have money or fame or family or friends or looks..

Yes success can mean different things to different people and at different points of time…but that is the temporal and relative meaning of success.

The word Success to which I am referring to is the universal one.
It completes you.
Its not focused on having one thing or another.

Instead it is focused on being:


To be successful is to have greatness within.

To be someone you love.
That is the sign of true success

So do you love yourself?
In other words….are you successful?

Blessed be

Swati Prakash

Who doesn’t want a happy life..

I know you keep saying you do but the truth is you do not…or at least did not so far. If anything, you wanted and got problems, difficulties, worries and issues to handle day after day.

Example 1. You got up late and landed late at work…and you said…”I am late for work” all throughout the journey…and felt angry at yourself and at all the cars before you, and at the elevator for being so slow, among other things and people
Naturally you were very late and had a bad day at work too, because your mood set the tone. Your statement that ‘you are late’ delayed you more and more.

Example 2. You went for a tarot reading and expressed how “everything is going wrong in your life” with deepest frustration at God, Universe, at your previous healer, your boss, ex, spouse or in laws to name a few
Its extremely unlikely that with such a mindset you atttracted a satisfying and happy life. After all you are the God or Universe of your existence and you decided to be your worst enemy. And your negative statements said in the present tense came alive because you said them in continuous tense instead of stating them as past.

Example 3. You were reading a newspaper or book, or watching a tv show or movie full of negative happenings such as murders, thefts, rape, kidnapping, disasters, end of the world, poverty, illness or numerous other morose topics….and worse…..you were feeling those emotions vividly with involvement.
Then why were you surprised when negativity magnified in your life experience and came closer to your reality.

Example 4. You kept thinking of your ex and wanted him back…neverminding he had a chain of affairs and cheated everyone he dated
Then why are you so puzzled about why all your boyfriends ended up cheating you? Its the energy of your ex that you attracted by wanting it back.

Example 5. You felt life is worthless. You kept lamenting about your sadness..,at how people are always mistreating you or how you were always hurt by others.
Your sadness attracted more sadness to you again and again in a very logical way and only you had the power to break this chain.

You do not have to go to your past lives to see what caused your present problem. Your present energy state determines everything. Its not your past that determines your future…its your vibrations right now that are creating your life experience.

Just transform the vibrations.

Basically your energy will determine your life.
Choose to be happy…even if things go wrong somehow your fantasy will come alive. Imagine something nice. Sing happy songs in your head. Surround yourself with positive things that give you good feelings.

Focus on the following:-
1. Thinking positive and saying positive statements in present tense to yourself and others
2. Feeling positive and happy
3. Doing positive things…good deeds, helpful acts, being ethical
4. Having faith in your highest self…there is a version of you wnhich is perfect and positive and you can always achieve it
5. Last but not the least…perform spells, starting with simple affirmations or creative visualisation to more advanced magick. It works!

Blessed be

Swati Prakash

Intuition or Intention

It was the soccer world cup and I happened to see this game on television where a team seemed to be losing badly and I said no, they are going to win just half an hour to go…and with the amazement of friends watching  this game, I turned out to be right.

I saw in my dream clearly in the form of a media news story with stock indices graphs, that a certain bank’s stock would rise within 3 months by 25 percent and told the bank manager…and after three months I was not surprised by the headlines.

I saw in my dream a cyclone coming and in my dream itself I sent it away. After a few days I did not panic when friends messaged me of the warning of a cyclone that was to hit Mumbai. Noone could quite understand where the cyclone went though.

I saw in one dream, a house with two large furry cats in the open space outside just before I was to travel to a new place. The same scene with the same two cats repeated in the new location during house hunting.

Were these all these examples mere cases of intuition or did it have to be my hidden or conscious intention that ensured the above?

What is intuition after all?
Are we creating our universe at seome level…consciously or unconsciously?
If yes then our intuitions simply point to things we are manifesting unconsciously.
Intention however is to manifest consciously.
Thats the main difference.

So while it may be a very strong intuition that those things were to happen…my intention to prevent misfortune such as the cyclone, manifest stock market success, make the losing team win or simply to have those two furry cats around was adjusting the universal vibrations around me. I must admit I truly wanted the losing team to win at least that game.

So is the the world around us changeable…and if yes to what degree?
The answer lies in the fact that everything is a vibration created by the mind and when you are in the centre of this universe…in the energy of the creator aspect of nature…nothing is quite impossible. If you can see it, feel it, want it, think it, dream it (and you can be awake in your dream)…you can achieve it.

I have seen the maximum power in both my intuitions and intentions when I have been meditating for large amounts of time everyday, spending time at my store Magick, working with crystals and candles, oils and herbs, watching magickal films, reading magickal stories, discussing magickal subjects. Somehow all this expands your energy field and links the mind with the universe so that you are One. That’s when you can read anyone’s mind only too easily or make things happen without any stress.

Yes you can meditate all the time when you are completely in the spirit plane. But if you enjoy pĺaying the game of life you open your eyes and see things changing and shaping, healing and improving everyday…perhaps thats why I am a witch.

You will be a much better witch when you awaken your inner power using the right methods.

Learn all about this. You can download the syllabus and learn at home with email or video chat interactions Www.tarotindia.com/guide has the pdf syllabus.

Blessed be
Swati Prakash

Yes, You Are a Witch

You can live your life without a lie
You can change your world with the blink of an eye
You can cast a spell and get your wish
You have the power, yes – you are a witch
You can travel to lands that were yet unknown
You can talk to trees, and birds, and stones
You are wise and kind, yet strong and firm
You share insights, you teach and learn
You can laugh like a child, dance like the breeze
You can close your eyes and be, just be
You can love and care, you spread delight
Your mind is sharp, your heart is light
You have aeons of knowledge, endless energy
You live in harmony, a natural synergy
You and the universe are forever one
When you make an intention, just consider it done
You see the unseen, you know the unknown
You are at peace in the crowd, you can be on your own
You crave for nothing, you have it all
You are content with everything, big or small
You are a gift to this world, you spread your light
Yes you are a witch, in every right
So know yourself and see your face
Accept this truth with loving grace
Be yourself, reveal your power
The world needs you this very hour
Heal and guide, help every soul
You have received this holy role
Attain your noble destiny
Yes, you are a witch, so mote it be!

Swati Prakash

Some people make empty resolutions for the New Year.
Some cast spells and achieve them all…

Here is how to get what you want in this new year.

Resolution 1: Get the perfect body (top of the list for most of you I’m sure)
Spell: Breathe in, imagine yourself looking fabulous, fit, healthy, see it clearly in your mind…breathe out and then say the affirmation, “i have the most perfect body now”. Repeat until it feels good all over.
This spell is better when you light a white male or female figure candle to match your gender for a few minutes daily as you bathe with rock salt or sea salt and perform this affirmation and visualisation. See the difference for yourself. Feel good about your new beautiful body.
Its best if you start collecting a few clothes of the size you wish to achieve. It will push you to getting there. Soon you will fit into them.
Most importantly stop saying negative things abut your body. Believe it is now transforming for the better..it always works. Somehow your lifestyle will adjust to your belief and help you get the perfect body. Remember you are a soul in a body. Your body is your creation.

Resolution 2: Get on top of your career (always important)
Spell: Stand straight, breathe in, stretch your body with your arms up towards the sky. Imagine this lovely blue light coming from the universe filling you up and say, “I am on top of my career now, I am doing what I love and doing it well, I am successful and content, I deserve, accept and create this. So be it.” Feel your body absorbing the light in every cell. Then relax and get back to daily life (happily).
This spell works better if you carry a turqoise stone with you for 21 days or more while you perform this affirmation and visualisation everyday. Enjoy working. Love it.

Resolution 3: Make more money (who would mind that)
Spell: Take three real coins of any denomination and place them between your palms. Feel them getting warm and energised as you say to them, “Multiply wealth now for me and everyone around, may everyone prosper including me”. Now toss the coins in any place of nature not knowing where they may go, knowing that wealth will come to you as well. This spell helps you spread abundance as you feel the free flow of money into your life by releasing your fears regarding money.
This spell works better if you wear or carry a money charm or talisman of your choice. Do not worry about money. Give and receive freely. Money is your tool.

Resolution 4: Happily ever after (relationship of your dreams)
Spell: Light a pink candle. Take a new and beautiful rose quartz stone and feel the light of the candle filling it up for a few minutes. Then kiss the stone and say, “Thank you. My romantic life is as lovely and as joyful as can be, forever and ever.” Keep the stone beneath your pillow each night and carry or wear it during day and keep interacting with the stone as suggested above. Watch happy romantic movies. Read fairy tales. Believe them to be true for you, no matter what people say. Love is real.

Resolution 5: Be in a place of your choice (travel or relocate)
Take your passport and place a copy of the tarot card “The World” in it. Then take a picture of the place of your choice and as you gaze into it…see yourself in it….living, enjoying, travelling. Have fun. You might even dream of this at night. You will be there soon. Trust. The world is your playground.

These spells are written for you and you can pass on this link to share with others.
Remember whatever you think, say, feel, want or behave as…is likely to be part of your life.

If you are unhappy, angry, frustrated, upset about something…you will get more of that.
If you are happy, grateful, positive about something…you will receive more of that.

Thats what spells are all about..feeling, thinking, saying, doing, manifesting and loving positive things.

Have a witchy new year. Happy 2014!

Visit Magick, 16th rd, Bandra west, Mumbai, tel 09867859058 for more positive things, including candles, stones, amulets, spellkits and guidance or go to http://www.tarotindia.com and place an order.

Rev. Swati Prakash


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