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I am the Spirit, I am Soul
I am the all, I am the whole
I am the One, yet I am None
I live somewhere in everyone
I am inside and outside
I am found where truth resides
I am below, I am above
I am devotion, I am love
I am the God and Goddess too
I am the Good in me and you
I am divine, pure and sublime
I am eternal beyond time
I cannot be harmed or broken hurt
I cannot be tainted, torn or cursed
I am your highest possibility
I can be you, you can be me
I am not cornered, trapped or bound
I can easily be found
When you stop searching here and there
Then you meet me, my voice you hear
In silence when you stop your mind
Then this treasure you will find    
I was always there awaiting you
The part of you which is clear and true
So let go of all those things you hold
Do not worry or control
Be at ease and be at peace
All the struggle just release
Be your simple natural zest
And you will be your very best
I am the power you have inside
To be happy, kind and wise
So go ahead and do rejoice
I am your will, I am your choice
Everytime you choose to be me
You fill the world with good energy
You can heal the universe
Begin with yourself and help the world
Be doubtless, sincere, firm and strong
Follow the right path, you cannot go wrong
See me in every thing and being
In autumn, winter, summer, spring
I am in the dark and in the light
In the day, dawn, dusk and night
You always have me in your heart
I am your perfect innermost part
I live through nature in this world
Worship me through care to earth
Love yourself from head to feet
Learn and teach this to all you meet
Live in truth and you will live well
And truth be told in all you tell
When everyone unites with me
The world will shine so perfectly
Believe in this, create this future
Give this gift to every creature
I am the hope that lives in thee
Hold on to me and only me
And in this moment you will achieve
The dream, the wish that you believe
As long as its good and it harms none
Your every will, thy will be done
I am the secret now revealed
The universe is being healed
So sing this song in happiness
And know for sure that you are blessed
By earth and fire, wind and sea
As I will so mote it be!

Swati Prakash

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You can live your life without a lie
You can change your world with the blink of an eye
You can cast a spell and get your wish
You have the power, yes – you are a witch
You can travel to lands that were yet unknown
You can talk to trees, and birds, and stones
You are wise and kind, yet strong and firm
You share insights, you teach and learn
You can laugh like a child, dance like the breeze
You can close your eyes and be, just be
You can love and care, you spread delight
Your mind is sharp, your heart is light
You have aeons of knowledge, endless energy
You live in harmony, a natural synergy
You and the universe are forever one
When you make an intention, just consider it done
You see the unseen, you know the unknown
You are at peace in the crowd, you can be on your own
You crave for nothing, you have it all
You are content with everything, big or small
You are a gift to this world, you spread your light
Yes you are a witch, in every right
So know yourself and see your face
Accept this truth with loving grace
Be yourself, reveal your power
The world needs you this very hour
Heal and guide, help every soul
You have received this holy role
Attain your noble destiny
Yes, you are a witch, so mote it be!

Swati Prakash

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These days with the beginning of the New Age of spiritual awakening, plenty of people are entering the field of healing everyday. However I see tremendous confusion around in understanding the term Witch or Wiccan and a confusion of who is really what kind of healer. Let me try to clear the doubts and help you in your search for healing.


You can be a witch if you are performing some or the other healing – whether energy healing (Reiki/ Pranic healing etc) or candle magic, religious rituals (Hindu, Christian or any other) or angel magic, feng shui spells or astrotherapy, tantra-mantra or past life healing. There are several forms of magic and several types of practitioners who help and heal the world through their particular spiritual art or craft (or science if you prefer to call it that). Yes if you are into magic or spiritual healing, including religious healing of any kind you are a witch.

To be a Wiccan is not the same as a witch. Just because you are doing some kind of spells or magic it does not automatically make you a Wiccan witch. You may be one of the above kind of witches – eg a Hindu witch, a Christian witch, a Feng Shui witch, a Reiki witch, an atheist witch, a tarot witch, an astro witch or any other.

So do not just link Wicca with witchraft. A Christian priest is performing as much witchcraft as a Wiccan priest, just the ceremonies are a bit different or philosophy may be unique in their owns ways – but both are magical in themselves.


To be a witch is to be wise and proficient in healing. If no energy is flowing through you but you are only sucking energy you are not a witch but a vampire. To be a healer is to give not just absorb energy. You need to channel and direct energy towards something other than the ‘’limited you’’ not just all to yourself. You need to connect with the higher self which is the source of all energy and is unlimited in energy, instead of draining out objects and people just to gain personal power, self-importance or personal enjoyment. There are plenty of vampire- people who masquerade around as witches and even as Wiccans and they basically attach to witches and Wiccan groups to absorb energy during rituals instead of performing any healing for others or the world.

If you see that a person is basically cold and unconcerned about others, self-obsessed, thinks no end of himself or herself and feels no genuine love or concern for others or for the planet you know it is a vampire not a witch. They may have magical power but not healing power. They may have knowledge but it is airy and just lip service than real healing energy. Basically their idea is to impress others and attract them than to heal.

You will see witches always giving care and affection to plants and animals, children and people in need. They will feel more warm and energising. They will add energy to crystals and magical objects than just draw energy from them. They will be generous with their energy.

In the hands of a witch energy of the things or people they are connecting with multiplies instead of reduces. A stone they wear will gain power than lose power. You can if you are intuitive or psychic feel the energy of a witch and of their belongings and see that they are vibrating with healing power. Even a shake hand can tell you if a person has healing energy or is an energy sucker.

Witches will form genuine relationships and friendships. They will not just be with people from whom they will gain something or the other materially or spiritually but also be with people to give some comfort and help to them, or just to enjoy existence together.

A vampire will usually drain others out and drink the juice of wisdom or knowledge from master to master, have several teachers, several lovers whom they drain out and they will go to different stores and take energy from all the items there. If they buy something they will try to give as less as possible and take as much as possible. If they do a course they will take extra time and give least amount of respect. On the other hand a witch or healer will be more self-contained and not always needing energy from others. They will go to stores to buy things to heal not only to browse and absorb. They will have balanced relationships and mutually beneficial associations. They will respect the time and energy of others and not just take more and more of it without adequate balancing or compensation.


Now this is where the maximum confusion existed throughout the medieval and dark ages. Black magic sorcerers are those people who somehow have come to the totally wrong conclusion that they can harm others and still be protected. They are unaware and unenlightened souls who believe that they are insulated against negativity no matter how much negativity they create for others. They send harmful or malicious thoughts or even conduct harmful spells or rituals and it always comes back to them in some or the other lifetime. They can harm animals or plants or humans and sacrifice them to their wish fulfilment needs, thereby digging their own grave. These are individuals that come from the dark ages and are no longer required in the world of light.

Witches on the other hands are wise ones and healers. They know the law of nature or Karma is always operating and there is no escaping the truth. They only conduct spells for the betterment of themselves and others. The words Witch or Wizard itself come from the words Wit and Wisdom so it is necessary that there be no confusion between unwise black magic sorcery and witchcraft which is the craft of the wise.


When someone says they are Wiccan it implies that they follow the specific religion of Wicca – basically Harm None, believe in the power to change your life through inner work (Magick) and regard the highest being of divinity as The God/dess which is nature worshipped as the five elements of nature – Spirit (hidden or subtle energy of nature), Air, Fire, Water and Earth (physical realm). You need not have studied or gained initiation to be a Wiccan, just like you need not be a trained Hindu priest to be a Hindu, or a Christian monk to be a Christian. Basically not every Wiccan is a Wiccan Priest or Priestess or a Witch. You can be a simple follower of Wicca, a believer.

To be a Wiccan Priest or Priestess is to be a Healer or Witch who is qualified and initiated to perform Wiccan rituals. The initiation and qualification is usually given by a Wiccan Tradition or system of Wicca through the High Priest/ess of that Tradition after the person dedicatedly studies for a minimum period of time. The Tradition should be well known and recognised and should have proper courses and ritual format so that they can give the right knowledge and healings to people.

Here are some do’s and don’t for your protection and safety when you are looking for the right healer:



Do – Check the person’s credentials by reading up and getting   references. See if the person is reputed and knowledgeable. Check   certifications.

Don’t – Just follow one person or a few references as the people   before you may have been misled too. Use your own judgement after proper   research.

Do – Follow intuition and check the energy if you can. You must feel   good about the person and the healing. It should feel right and be positive.

Don’t – Submit yourself and bow down to the healer and be under their   spell if it is not for the ultimate good or negative in any way.

Do – Go to healers for self- improvement and for improving your life –   as this is in your hands and is possible with healing

Don’t – Go for attracting someone specific or for getting something   very specific – no one can guarantee that, plus it is unethical and you will   be scammed

Do – Go to a healer with a reputed office, business address or   healing centre so that you know you can come back for any concerns

Don’t – Go for random healers in fairs or on the streets who do not   have a proper working address as they may be fly by night operators

Do – Go for healing for long term. Be patient. Spells and magic works   best over several sessions of inner work to make you feel totally healed

Don’t – Expect quick results or quick fix cures for instant   gratification – magick always takes as much time as is required from case to   case

Do – Give a reasonable energy exchange so that you can continue the   healing throughout the long term course

Don’t – Fall for those impostors who charge a lump sum in lacs or   crores for a one time spell or magical healing and then leave you high and   dry

Do – Go for spiritual healing and not for physical healing.  Physical body will get effects of healings   in the long run but healing cannot be a substitute for medical help.

Don’t – Expect healing to give you a miracle cure for long term or   life threatening illnesses. Take healing for inner self and medical help for the   outer body cure – complimentary medicine.

Do – Understand that the healer is not god and is not a connection to   god. We are all connected to nature and god is within us all. A healer only   helps as a catalyst. Your inner self heals.

Don’t –Make a god-man or woman out of a spiritual healer – they are   as human as the rest of us. They cannot heal you, they can just send good   energy or intentions your way and it is up-to you to accept the healing.

Do – Take as much healing regularly as you need. Just like you need   to care for your beauty, physical health or pay your insurance premiums, you   also need to invest in spiritual healing regularly. Meditate daily and take   help of healers or learn healing.

Don’t – Give last priority to spiritual self. You might be spending a   lot more time, money and energy on clothes, makeup, night outs, food, entertainment   and hairdressers than on spiritual healing and very-very less on spirituality   so please bring some balance.





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What is the meaning of love?
Can there be different kinds of love?
How do you tell if its indeed love?
Is the path of love difficult or easy?
What does it really mean to ‘love yourself’

Let’s take some time to reflect upon these essential questions.

Love is definitely a kind of energy or vibration.
By its very nature love is positive energy…completely supportive of your life purpose.

To love yourself implies awareness of your life purpose and choosing only those thoughts, feelings and behaviors that help you in the fulfilment of your life purpose.

True love is when you are totally dedicated and involved in fulfilling your life purpose.
Others in your life will be supportive of your life purpose too…as they are all extensions of yourself.
The more you are aligned with your higher self the more you will find that everyone and everything is together with you in helping you achieve and experience your true destiny.
The less you are in touch with the higher self, the more confused or chaotic will your relationships become.

You will know that true love is part of your life when you flow in your lifepath with ease and relaxation, fully present in each moment…experiencing joy and fulfillment.

True love is experienced in your life as a spiritual energy that is absorbed in every aspect of your existence. Emotionally it gives joy. Mentally it gives freedom. Spiritually it liberates. Physically it gives a feeling of wellnes and health. True love radiates from your aura and magnifies your healing power.

You need not have a partner to experience true love.
Your soulmates and twin flame can enhance your experience of true love.
True love is when you feel yourself expand…everything and everyone in the universe is touched by you.

This is so different from the fear based emotional attachments to our kith and kin that we sometimes called love.
This is not quite the same as the emotionally draining pain and hurt we felt when someone hurt us and we believed it to be love.
This is nowhere similar to the excitement or romantic flush we felt when sexually  drawn to another.

True love is felt for the universe and not just for your lower egoic self, partner, children, parents, pets or belongings.

When you are attuned to your expanded infinite self then you experience true love unconditionally and completely and with your realisation the universe begins to heal and become a better place.

True love will destroy all falsehood, release you from the darknes of ignorance, make you a better person by enlightening yourself and the universe. The Goddess knows herself…

Learn the truth about meditation, energy work, magick and connect with your higher self. To love yourself is to never deny that which is good for you and the universe.

Blessed be!

Rev. Swati Prakash

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Is giving better than receiving?
Just when, to whom and how much..
What can you give?
Is anything ours to give in the first place?

These are a few fundamental questions I would address today.

Giving and receiving …both are about energy exchange. Fairness and balance are always good.

We are all part of one great infinite universal being. All that there is belongs to the universe. The universe being infinite has more than enough for everyone.
More than enough of everything there can possibly be.
If everyone doesn’t seem to be having everything all the time I can assure you that there is infinite time available too. Past lives…future lives…..these are countless

By the time you will get everything you desired..you will find that there will be a lot more of everything to have than there was before. This is because possibilities are endless and the universe expands evermore with time in the cycle of creation.

There is abundance of everything.
Higher your consciousness or realisation…greater your capacity to tap into the universal state of abundance.
This is the element of spirit.
To be a witch or wiz first we have to be spiritually realised.
In the spirit realm we learn how to receive and give awareness of infinity.
All gods, goddesses, saints, angels, masters and prophets are various expressions of infinity or universe. They give messages. They teach us the right beliefs.
The Spirit element teaches us spiritual wisdom. We must give and receive wisdom. Ask if you are giving and receiving wisdom or ignorance.

The Air element is the realm of thoughts. Here you will find teachers who tell you the right ways of thinking.
We must give and receive positive thoughts. New age practioners tell us all about positive thinking and how thoughts can initiate changes in life.
Ask yourself if you are giving and receiving fears or if you are giving and receiving trust.

The Fire element is more about ambitions. Will power is more dense in energy than mere thought. You learn in this realm how to energise ourselves and others. We learn how to give and receive power. To be assertive and to assert our free will is something we can all practice and preach. Are you giving and receiving power or are you giving or receiving energy of hopeless helplessness?

The Water element teaches us emotional awareness. We learn how to give and receive emotional energy in this realm. Ask yourslf if you are giving and receiving love and joy or are you giving or receiving guilt, anger or hate in relationships.

The Earth element is our gross physical reality where we learn how to give and receive material and physical resources.

At every realm infinity operates.
There is no limit of anything. Even on earth. By Earth we mean not just planet Earth but the physical realm.
There are infinite planets in the physical universe.
You can give and receive infinitely, everything with everyone.

Even though we all are totally and supremely One in the Spirits higher dimensional reality, we are many in the lower plane. In our multiplicity we interact abd exchange energy from one to another. Here Karma or the divine law of nature ensures that we receive what we give.

We need to be spiritual while being earthy.
Tap into the universe and then give.
Expand your awareness of yourself.
Give unconditionally.
This doesn’t mean everyone maybe equally ready to receive.
Universal wisdom, power, love, trust and healing always flows through true spiritual healers.
But it is received into only those beings who are open.
Children and cats for example….
And plants…crystals…
People too…those who are aware and open.

Soon you will start receiving infinite love and joy, good luck and health…
Let’s first learn the art of giving.
But this means receiving too.
Blessed be
Rev. Swati Prakash

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We usually hear about how noone is perfect.
Is perfection a myth?
Is it impossible for us to attain perfection?

Complete, whole, total, unconditional, unlimited, doubtless, absolute, infinite….Perfect in every way is totally possible.
Infact it is our deepest inner truth.

In the Wiccan Rede we have the word Perfect in a most wonderful context.
The Wiccan Rede is a beautiful guideline for those of you who wish to be introduced to Wicca as a spiritual path.

It begins by stating that we must abide by the Law in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
What Law are we talking about here?
Wicca is a nature based religion. The Law of nature or universe is the sacred law of Karma. Our actions generate results. This is true for physical actions as well as mental or emotional vibrations created by us. Intention is also karma. Vibrations sent by us return to us. We are all interconnected in this Uni-verse. We give energy, we receive energy… we are all One infinite being.

There should be no doubt about this.
Love is the Law

When we act out of Love we are aware of our true spiritual nature…of our Oneness.
We send good energy not because we are afraid of bad karma but because we love ourself.
What we are doing to ‘others’ is infact what we are doing to ourself.

We are all one divine, perfect, supreme being.
This is true.
We can be aware of our perfect self now.
We can now choose to be aware of how wonderfully perfect this universe is and how our divine self ensures this through the Laws of nature and karma.

Through perfect love and perfect trust we attain a deep peace and faith in ourself.
There is no need to feel unhappy or miserable now. With perfect love and perfect trust it is possible to achieve completion, true happiness and contentment.

Learn how to manifest your highest potential. Anything is possible with the right spells. Just harm none and do as you will. The highest power in the universe is available to us at anytime as long as we are ready to be IT…….our divine, perfect and infinite self.

Be aware…meditate. You are divine. Do not hesitate.
Make your intention. Create the vibration. Cast the right spell. All is well.

Then do not worry about the outcome. Trust. Have faith.
As long as it harms none your wish is granted by fate.

Everything is working out perfectly…just the way it should be.

Blessed be!
Rev. Swati Prakash

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We often use this term Positive and its counterpart Negative

What do we really mean by positive and negative?

“There is nothing good or bad – but thinking makes it so.” How true is this statement?

Is it necessary for the world to have a balance of Positive and Negative, Good and Bad?

Is black and white, dark and light, bad and good the right terms to use for Negative and Positive?

Is Yin and Yang the same as Negative and Positive respectively?

Is ignoring or suppressing negative energy the right thing to do?

How can we really be Positive? By saying positive things alone? Or is there something else to it?

Today let me clear all these doubts.

Positive and Negative, just like plus and minus are two aspects of energy.

At one end is the plus or positive energy.

This is energy that helps us progress on the chosen path, towards our life purpose.

At the other end is the minus or negative energy.

This is the energy that takes us away from our chosen life purpose or path.

What is our life purpose? This is for all of us to individually ascertain via meditation and intuition.

It is necessary and urgent that you discover your life purpose now.

Without it you will not even know what is negative for you and what is positive for you. Bring some meaning and direction into your life. You can take a reading or consultation for intuitive guidance with an expert if you are unsure of how to arrive at your life purpose. Numerology, astrology, tarot, angels and gods/ goddess will help you in this quest.

If you are just going about the daily chores of mundane life without looking within to find your life purpose you are wasting time and this is definitely negative energy as it is blocking you from going on purposefully on your life path.

Good and Bad, Positive and Negative are therefore things that support or hinder your life purpose. 

It is necessary that you manifest Good and Positive things and Banish Bad or Negative things. Things can be good or bad, positive or negative for you and this is relative as far as your individual life purpose is concerned.

As a soul group or for mankind or earth as a whole, we also have a divine purpose or mission. Therefore there are good and bad, positive and negative for us as a whole too. Universally good and bad exist clearly as Love, Joy, Happiness vs Hate, Sorrow, Unhappiness. Choose to Harm None.  It is not just thinking that makes it so. Its not all relative. There is universal good.

It is not necessary for the world to have half bad and half good energy. There can be a supremely positive world. There is. This is called Satayuga where everyone is true, ethical, positive and magickal. There is no fear or harm in this world. This happens when everyone is fully awakened and conscious and this is possible. Let us find this within to manifest it around.

By the word ‘balance’ we do not mean a balance of good and bad, positive and negative. Balance of Yin and Yang, dark and light refers to the Invisible and Visible aspects of reality – namely Spirit (Yin, goddess or dark) and Matter (Yang, god or light). This does not refer to bad and good at all. This only means that where there is matter there is also spirit. Matter being the visible side of reality experienced through our senses and Spirit being the ethereal or subtle vibrations of the inner world. Balance means that we are in tune with our spirit while being in matter form – that we are directed by the Spirit or Divine self in all our activities in material world. This is one hundred percent positive and good in every way and there is no place for negative or bad in a world which is in balance.

So how can we Banish the Negative and Manifest Positive?

First – Your intentions need to be divinely guided. Take an oracular consultation from a spiritual healer and intuitive expert or find your inner divine guidance after doing adequate inner work. This will help you define your purpose and choose the right intention. This also defines what is negative or positive vis-a-vis your life purpose.

Second – You need to banish all those energy vibrations that take you away from your divine and noble life purpose. Remove Tamas or inertia or negative behaviors. Thoughts and words are only some of those vibrations that you need to work on. Banish negative from all sources including the books you read, the movies you watch, the food you eat, the objects you keep, the things you think about, your feelings, your desires and of course the words you use as well.

Third – You need to manifest and amplify positive energy vibrations that help you attain the divine balance of Spirit and Matter, Yin and Yang, Goddess and God. Bring in Sattva or  goodness with purposeful energy and actions. Choose positive books, movies, foods, objects, thoughts, feelings, desires and affirmations.

This is the meaning of healing.

Spells are a wonderful way to create this change inside and around you.

Spells are ways to banish the negative and manifest the positive. Spells are done only after proper intuitive consultation.

Once you cast a spell you set the wheel of your life in motion, in congruence with your Sattvic or True and Positive life purpose.

Go ahead and let the Magick begin.

Blessed Be


Rev. Swati Prakash

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Is material life the enemy of spirituality?

Are you being tempted by the Devil if you choose wealth as a goal?

Shall we all abandon all wealth and monetary goals to simply focus on meditation, healing  and inner-work?

Should all spiritual work be charitable in nature?

Will the practice of spirituality interfere with your worldly success or career path?

Can you really have wealth while being spiritual?

Is it safe for you to switch over to a spiritual career now, or should you keep doing your regular job which pays your bills so far?

Is it bad to desire wealth, happiness, beauty and love when there is so much poverty, unhappiness and misery in the world?

These are some of the questions that you may have asked at some point of time. It’s almost like a part of you is in the material realm while a part of you aspires to rise above and perhaps even does at times. With one foot on earth and one in the sea, there is a need to find some balance…. some way to integrate…. to attain peace within yourself.

So let me focus on those of you who have been riddled with these issues and questions so far and help you choose what is right for you.

Like the characters called Agents in The Matrix (movie) there are things that might have blocked you from total spiritual awareness. These are not really enemies but those gatekeepers who are there to test you and your faith in yourself. Once you are ready you can not only dodge their bullets, you will find that you do not even ‘need to’. These agents are your own inner blocks of ignorance or fears and none will remain if you are self aware.

Ignorance is a block to spirituality. If you are aware of spiritual truth you will realise that all that is material is indeed connected to and in-fact created by the spiritual. It is a bondage to the illusion of materialism and not material life itself that is your blockage. You falsely believed that material world is unchangeable and you have no power over it. This was your blockage. You believed falsely that you were a victim. You believed falsely that because circumstances and situations in your childhood or past lives were limited or limiting to you. You had lacks, poverty, helplessness and slavery so far and believed them to be your blocks, your limitations – they were not. Your circumstances and situations can no longer be blamed for your bitterness, anger or sorrow. You are and always were in-charge of your destiny, with absolute and total control over any situation or circumstance. You just did not KNOW that till now.

With the awareness that you are the creator of your material life, you can create a beautiful life. Surround yourself with those material things that link you back with the spiritual. Instead of showing off brands that fulfil your ego or status needs you will have loving and empowering objects full of magick and power in your homes and offices. You will go for high energy, good vibration foods, clothing, décor, jewellery – not just for taste or thrill or showing off or looking good, but because of the way they reconnect you to the inner truth and help you stay aware and joyful. Fresh, organic and healthy foods, comfortable, ethical and magickal clothing, magickal crystals, meaningful décor or art, feng shui and magickal arefacts, sacred amulets and talismans can all remind you that material and spiritual life are now being integrated in your quest for oneness.

The Devil is nothing but ignorance of inner spirit. When you are without meditation, without inner silence, it is easy to believe that the outer physical world is all there is. When you look within, you discover that the God or Goddess or Universe is truly inside you and everyone ‘else’ is actually part of the inner self or Spirit which is truly one being manifest as all of us – both things and people around. The Devil is the temptation to stay in the illusion of physical reality.

If Wealth be you only goal ever in life then yes you are in the clutches of the Devil and have no idea what you are truly here for on earth. In you quest for wealth you may go after things that harm your soul, reduce your inner power and make you more and more vulnerable to unhappiness. Drugs, smoking, alcohol, sadism, self destructive behaviours, unethical ways of earning or living, unhealthy sexuality, abusive relationships, harmful behaviours, terrorism, religious fundamentalism, oppression and suppression of those who mean no harm are some of the extreme manifestations of ignorance or Devil.

There is no need to be angry or upset when you see someone earning well or being wealthy. Stop thinking that people who ask for a nice sum of money in return of products or services are fleecing others. Every time you pay someone for some product or service do it with joy and thank the person who is giving you that product or service for helping you and serving the divine self. Do not complain, crib or bargain as this reduces the value of what you are trying to have. You will be always be blessed with multiple times greater wealth than the amount that you are parting with because material life is a creation of the spirit and there is infinite wealth that can be yours at any point of time. Do not feel limited and give with all your heart to those who are giving you something of value in return. Do not say that you cannot afford something you want or do not have the money for it. When you imagine you have more than enough to give you will indeed draw to yourself more than enough provided you do feel deserving of that which you are trying to have.

True wealth is inner wealth and with this outer wealth can be created easily with the power of positive karma (inner and outer work). However for those who are born with a good amount of material wealth but lack spiritual awareness, outer wealth depletes too and they are reduced to beggars eventually. It is a positive and abundant state of consciousness therefore that one must acquire instead of going after outer wealth alone.

Wealth can be created through any positive work, inner as well as outer. It need not be only through the practice of spirituality as a full time career.

You are on the right path if you choose your goal to be your true life purpose – seeing your life purpose as something that gives you inner joy and helps you help the divine self in its expression. Wealth will be just one tool to help you grow and multiply your efforts to create something good on earth. This does not mean that all of us should only choose to be spiritual healers for career. You may be an accountant who chooses to help earth by helping people work with clear financial plans and honesty, thereby doing a lot of good to earth. You may choose to be an air hostess who helps travellers feel safe and well looked after and therefore does a lot of good on earth. You may be a millionaire businessman giving employment and bringing to consumers products and services that make life easier and happier for the world and definitely you too are doing a lot of good on earth. Being in a meditative state helps you perform any of your tasks better and more purposefully. You can be completely present in your job or business on a day to day basis as you serve your inner god or goddess through your outer work as well as inner work.

We are always serving the divine as all of us are parts of the great divine self. Anything we do to help each other is a divine work. The moment you gain awareness about how your being here is part of the universe’s good and divine self you will then earn and create wealth without guilt. Wealth can therefore be your goal but not the ultimate goal, only a way in which you can live better and work better for the benefit of our world.

If you are serving other beings of nature (not just humankind) you will still be rewarded with true wealth and happiness in return for nature always gives us magickal powers, support, love and joy as rewards for taking care of its children. By working for clean environment, green trees and healthy animals, we are creating a healthy world and a happy world to enjoy. There is no point in having a lot of bank balance and real estate if there is no fresh air to breathe in, if you cannot take a walk in a beautiful forest or garden from time to time, if you cannot hear the chirping of birds, the rustling leaves, the murmuring waters, play with cats, marvel at beasts and befriend a familiar.

Spiritual work need not always be charitable. Some spiritual workers might not feel comfortable asking for charity and might want to be fair and clear in their dealings of all giving and receiving plus prefer to pay their full taxes as well.  

There is no need to be afraid while making a switch from your mundane jobs to a spiritual healing career in case you are truly ready to perform this task on earth. If there is any fear of whether you will be able to sustain yourself or pay your bills, your fears are truly baseless. You need to check whether you are truly ready yet for it is necessary to be self realised and at least healed at a basic level before you try to teach or heal others.

You can have wealth while being spiritual. It’s just that usually spiritual people do not feel the need to accumulate or hoard wealth. They are simply not very insecure and truly less needy. The universe is our bank, the universe always has infinite resources and the universe is within. When we need something and only if we need it, we surely manifest it. We feel little or no need to show off wealth or to acquire more than required material possessions as we are happy to have what feels right. We do not need to have a huge bank balance to save for a rainy day as we are always safe and secure from within and we simply will not manifest a ‘rainy day’ unless it is raining happiness, love and abundance.

We feel glad to see others happy, well to do, honest, loving, fulfilled, beautiful and healthy as we realise that all are parts and aspects of our own inner divine self. If there are any signs of poverty, misery or sorrow in the world, it is just a sign that we need to create more awareness and spread spiritual truth around for this is the only way to liberate and help the world.

Read wealth affirmations regularly and incorporate them in your spells and prayers.

You can download your free wealth guide from www.tarotindia.com/codeofethics to get some sample affirmations to begin with.

Blessed Be


Rev. Swati Prakash


 Get a consultation at Magick 02265250328 or book online on http://www.tarotindia.com 

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On 30 August to Aug 31 is the Blue Moon 2012. This is the second full moon that happens in the same month – a relatively rare occurrence that happens once in 2.5 years or so.
It can be a wonderful time to cast spells and make your wishes known to the universe.
We are all creators of our life. Nothing is created without the will of our Inner Self which is Divine (God/ess). Through the power of manifestation we activate the inner self and can channel energy and shape it into our desired situations of life. Some people use prayers (of various religions – with or without realizing their inner self) or basic spells (performed by witches/wiz who may not be Wiccan initiates) to manifest their wishes.
However you will find that the best way to manifest your right destiny is through a Wiccan Ritual performed by a Wiccan Initiate or Clergy.
Wicca is an ethical religion (shared spirituality) that focuses on the magickal power of inner self, honors the scientific forces of nature and aims to manifest only that which is most positive and good for all concerned while harming none.
A Wiccan Ritual is an elaborate high energy event performed by Priestesses/ Priests of Wiccan religion through invocation of the five elements of nature as well as goddess/ god energies, good faeries and divine beings to help you receive blessings and healing.
You can place an order for a Wiccan ritual for any specific aspect of your life in order to receive healing in that area – eg Abundance, Love, Happiness, Health and Wellbeing, Business, Education…
Step 1: Take a reading or consultation from a Wiccan Priestess
This will help the Priestess understand your situation better and design the right spell and ritual service for you. It is not focused at predictions but at manifestation based on the absolute fact that we all create our life and not just receive outcomes passively.
ONLINE: www.tarotindia.com/services by Rev. Swati Prakash, Head Priestess (email response within 10 days of order)
IN PERSON: Call Magick 02265250328 by team of Priestesses (both first and second degree level priestesses are available) of Global Wicca by appointment.
Step 2: Schedule the right spell to be performed in Wiccan ritual format
Based on the reading or consultation advise the reader will suggest a spell to be performed along with ingredients as required. The same can be incorporated in your ritual. For Wiccan ritual service please go for certified Initiated priestesses of Global Wicca only who have completed the minimum one year and one day training period.
ONLINE: Performed by Rev. Swati Prakash, High Priestess (as per date/ time allocated) 60 minutes will be available per session and you can choose the number of sessions depending on how strongly you wish to amplify your wishes. Generally it is better to be performed in multiples of three.
IN PERSON:  Call Magick 02265250328 by team of Priestessses (both first and second degree level priestesses are available based on the type or degree of spell you require) of Global Wicca by appointment. 90 minutes will be allocated in the form of three sessions and you can take more later to amplify your wishes.
NOTE: Rituals are healing events and energy transfers. They are not a one time exercise to solve a problem and it is recommended that you take healing regularly in the form of rituals and spells to get good results and not treat them as quick fixes. For instance one ritual a month is a healthy frequency by which to energize your long term goals. Three or multiples of three is recommended as minimum number of sessions, as three is the sacred Karmic number.

ALWAYS: Take Wiccan Ritual Services from authorized and certified Initiates and check the credentials and the degree level of the person who should be certified or Initiated through a recognized Tradition of Wicca.
Please Read our code of Ethics and guidelines on www.tarotindia.com/codeofethics
Blessed Be!
Rev. Swati Prakash
Head Priestess
Global Wicca Tradition

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Most of us are born into a religion of some sort.

We grow up learning the faith that our fathers and forefathers followed – sadly without being offered much of a choice. Having no choice over your faith is a dangerous thing. Faiths evolve with time. Today we are much wiser than we were yesterday. Faiths must be allowed to transform.

- Some faiths may have so far made people believe in an image or idea of God as an outside force controlling your life. This is now changing.

- Some faiths may have been unscientific – they opposed any latest discovery – insisted that the stories of world creation and genesis as written in their texts is the final and literal truth. They promoted blind and sometimes wildly hilarious beliefs (or in other words – superstitions) about immaculate conceptions or woman born out of a male rib. They basically disregarded nature and natural laws entirely, holding divine to be something above nature and beyond laws of nature. What could be further from the scientific truth! Today we see that science is being respected and no longer taken as enemy of faith.

- Some faiths made people follow and worship a leader whose history can not be traced clearly and who could be just another mythical being, just a parallel to an ancient god who had a similar cycle…of birth, death, transformation like The Sun gods…yet promoted as a factual person by the faith leaders and textbook writers of that faith. They insisted the book is historical – it may not have been entirely so. People followed all over the world – what may be just another version or parallel of the natural or pagan gods of ancient folklores all over the world. We are now opening to that possibility.

- Some faiths make you believe that sexuality is sinful and virginity is divine. No longer does the modern human need such dogma.

- Some faiths blatantly discriminated against women – gave them no opportunity to hold religious leadership in their institutions. Their role in the religions they followed was subservient to that of the male clergy. Only a male held the highest ran. No reason why – but it was the tradition in these medieval faiths. Change is the need of the hour.

- Some faiths were downright oppressive to women, not even having them choose what to wear. For instance an athlete who had to wear shorts was made to feel ashamed just because she is a female and has to hide or cover her body in their religion. Women still chose to follow such faiths – mentally brainwashed for centuries. This cannot go on forever. One day women are sure to come out of their self imposed chains. It could be now.

- Some faiths may have promoted – directly or indirecly – anger and violence against those who are not part of your religion – by way of inquisitions, mass witch hunting, stripping, abuse, burning or drowning of those who refused to follow the male dominated faith. These burnt and murdered people may have done no harm, yet accused wrongly of conspiring with the devil. Ironically the devil was never even worshiped by pagans, witches or people of the old faiths. Pagans believed in personified images of nature – both the yin and the yang, dark and light, male and female depictions of nature as coexisting without any contradictions. Mass murders in the name of faith were still done and misinformation was spread widely putting witches into disrepute in the dark dark ages of untruth – Who was the real ‘devil’ here is anyone’s guess.

- Some faiths may have preached intolerance, hate or destruction against those who are non-followers, eg , religious wars or crusades to convert people, destruction of ancient pagan temples and relics and building of churches an mosques in their place – stealing the sacred places of ancient power – especially where ley-lines or energy grids of earth converged. Placing saints and angels in place of ancient pagan gods and goddess of similar names and magical powers. Borrowing ancient nature based customs and disguising them as the festivals of their faith – trees and eggs decorated meaninglessly without any reference to ancient spirituality anymore being one of the proofs today of the hidden undercurrents of paganism oppressed but not discarded to make the medieval faith more palatable to the ancient folks who were converted to the medieval monotheistic faith.

- IRONICALLY – these faiths were the first ones to spread malicious stories about witches being bad ugly women with warts eating children up!

This is something that had absolutely no rational basis but was just negative fairy tale imagery being taught to children….. why? – to make them closed or blocked to their rational wisdom and the natural magickal witch/ wiz power that is within them – but sadly inactive for life. So that kids so far remained dull in their intuition and grew up to be mere followers of medieval oppressive faiths with no imagination or magickal power.

The dark ages of ignorance are hereby over.

Now it is my duty and privilege to inform you about WICCA

- A modern religion that believes that we are the creators of our destiny – through our karma (physical or mental action)  we create our futures. We are magickal in every way and no outside force is controlling us (at least not without our latent approval). We have complete indisputable power over our life. We are Witches or Wizards – wise folk who know how to follow the right karma and create the right destiny as per the laws of nature and the code of ethics (harm none – for what you do comes back to you).

- A rational and scientific religion – that believes in nature – visible, observable natural phenomena (even the hidden parts of nature are valid scientific phenomena and can be energetically explained and observed in Wicca as vibrations that are sometimes not discernible to the five limited human senses but can be read by the extended sensory perceptions of E.S.P. or intuition AND by higher level science which is being developed today). Celebrating equinoxes and solstices and moon phases as cycles of nature – with symbolic references to myths and mythologies, instead of celebration based of assumed life, death and struggles of some person questionable as true history. Celebrating harvests and seasonal changes in nature. Knowing that all myths and mythologies, all gods and goddess are essentially symbolic in depicting natural cycles. That basis of all faiths is ultimately nature and its personification in the form of deities all over the world today and throughout history – this is a fact.

- Wicca is one religion in which you are not asked to blindly follow any book or sacred text or any idea of a historical or mythical person. You are not even asked to follow a past leader of Wiccan faith – without properly reasoning, questioning and understanding everything you choose to believe in.

- A faith that celebrates our bodies, our physicality, our sexuality as equally sacred as our spirit. After all through physical existence the spirit rejoices and experiences life.

- A religion where a woman can hold the HIGHEST position in the religious institutions. Have you ever seen a High Priestess in the popular medieval religions that have so far had maximum following all over the world? Perhaps not. Here in Wicca a woman is given that respect – owing to her wisdom, the way she can guide, teach, help others in their spiritual understanding and their daily lives – as an Oracle, a teacher of the mysteries, a channel. A man can be a High Priest in Wicca too. Both genders can share the highest honor and head Wiccan temples or institutions.

- A religion in which female versions of higher self or goddess forms are equally sacred as male versions of god. There are no special do’s and don’ts exclusively for women and they are allowed respect as human beings – no matter what they wear – without taboos. In Wicca a woman will be respected even naked – as a sacred goddess and not made to feel ashamed. After all no other specie in the world is ashamed of the body or regards body as just a sexual object. Those who harm, abuse, rape women are the ones who are wrong – not the woman who has as much right as a man to dress as she pleases.

- Wicca is a faith in which you are first taught to take the Wiccan Oath – follow the Rede or code of ethics – “harm none – do as ye will”. Have you ever seen such a positive and straightforward guideline of conduct preached in any other religion – possibly not. They may have an incomplete list of sorts – …Do not lie, Do not commit adultery and so on…but not the simple fact – harm none…which covers everything. Basically this is the only faith that tells you to uphold only the purest intentions – not just through physical acts but mentally also – you are taught to not wish anyone ill. This is a magickal religion that recognized that karma is also inner or mental and not just a physical one. Where else can you find this level of ETHICS except in Wiccan faith!

- The Wiccan faith is not against any other faith. We are just happy to be. Every faith has the right to exist – but everyone MUST have the right to choose their faith. Imagine people not having the right to choose what they believe – having no control over their own minds. Wicca does not and shall not promote mind-control. People must awaken and be self-realized and self-enlightened. That is why in Wicca we have meditation and spells – not just blind prayers made to some external power believed to be able to help you. We know ourselves as the universe. We are creators. We manifest ourselves – our inner power creates outer world. We believe in Magick.

We can see that right now people are all awakening, arising and opening their eyes…to the Divine Truth within themselves. And that is why the time for Wicca is NOW!

You have and deserve to have a choice of what to believe in.

If you are an enlightened master, you have found the faith that resonates with you – Wicca is yours.

As enlightenment spreads more and more people are accepting the faith of Wicca – where all paths and religions melt and fuse as one and where all universal faiths are converging today as one global, rational, honest and truly spiritual sacred system, with harm to none – SO MOTE IT BE!


Please spread this message and enlighten the world!

Rev. Swati Prakash

High Priestess and Tradition Head

(You are free to distribute this article or this link in its entirety in the correct context without mutilating it and without cutting away the reference to the author and website)

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